AFK Arena MOD APK 1.119.02 (Unlimited Coins)

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Out in the open, AFK Arena Mod APK is a single-player game and perfect for people who love strategy games. This charming role-playing battle game is like a classic RPG that has superb artistic beauty. You will get access to the world named “Esperia”, where you can build your team of heroes to fight against evils.

The most stunning thing is that you can leave this game on “Auto Mode” where you can leave the game unhandled and your heroes continue to play it on your built strategy.

Features of AFK Arena MOD APK

Grounded in fact, AFK Arena Mod APK comes with lots of stunning features to take the heart of players. Before getting to AFK Arena, you must know which amazing features you are going to get.  Surprisingly, you are going to get

  • Plenty of amazing super-powers to win the play
  • Amazing colors and graphics which look natural
  • Access to collect legendary hero cards
  • Free access to upgrade your heroes to make them strong
  • Design your strategy for the army to win
  • Test the performance of your server
  • Chance to unite or fight together with players around the globe
  • Show your gameplay to your friends
  • Access to secret treasures in mazes
  • Chill and reveal all the rewards that come in your ways
  • Beautifully designed Arena’s plot
  • Imaginative characters style
  • Beautiful female characters
  • Suitable background sound for each match
  • Stunning character’s skill effect to invade
  • Cute voiced characters
  • Over 100 heroes in different seven factions
  • Build well and get level up
  • Huge variety of modes for battling
  • Option to jump back to adventure even after level up
  • Train the heroes to play game
  • Leave this game on “auto mode”, if you are not free to play
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On the moral high ground, AFK Arena comes with exciting adventures and lots of rewards. But some features on the original version are restricted and you can’t even get them without fulfilling the described conditions which surely take time. To save you from feeling bored, we have codded this AFK Arena MOD APK in a way to provide you with many unlocked features for free. Let’s see what you’re going to get in this AFK Arena Hack.

Improved Graphics

Graphics is the first attractive thing in any video game. Well, AFK Arena is a mixture of 2D and 3D innovations. Although the graphics were good we improved each character effect. So, for the people who love the majestic, fictitious but majestic elements, AFK Arena MOD APK will perfectly suit them. We have improved the images in such a way that you’ll feel like watching an animated movie or reading some comic book.

Brightest Colors                      

The second most involving thing in a game is the colors. We uplifted the colors in such a way that now light and dark colors are interwoven wonderfully to perfectly highlight each image. From terrain to weapon to characters, we have highlighted each thing. Now you will find AFK Arena MOD APK as the game with the best color ever.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamond is the main currency in the game. In the AFK Arena, you can get diamonds by completing quests, and chests. And you have an option to buy them real money. But no one would like to spend real money on the game.

To keep this thing in mind, we decided to launch AFK Arena Diamonds where you can get unlimited diamonds with no hassle. You are free to use them to buy gear and heroes. Overall, your progress in the game will be much faster than ever.

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Unlimited Guild Coins

On the clear ground, guild coins can be earned by going through guild hunting. But by using these AFK Arena Hero Coins, you will automatically get unlimited guild coins in your account. All you need to do is to install the AFK Arena MOD APK to get this jumbo offer!

All Heroes Unlocked

Heroes have been an important part of games that come with them. In the AFK Arena, there are numerous strong playable heroes which can be used to win the game. Bit only some heroes are available at the start, for the remaining you need to unlock them with the higher levels. So, you are required to wait a lot.

But in AFK Arena MOD APK we made you able to unlock all heroes without spending time or earned money. So, you will be able to easily win the battles by using the ideal skills and powers of unlocked heroes. Looking Cool!

 Unlimited Monthly Cards

In the AFK Arena there comes a premium subscription option that gives you access to Campaign Mercenary Uses, Team Bounty Quests, and many other such premium things for a month at the cost of money.

But in this AFK Arena MOD APK, you’ll get a free monthly card subscription to enjoy your game. Hence, you don’t need to think about money to perfectly enjoy this game as happiness is knocking at your doorstep.

Unlimited Free Shopping

The most loved feature of AFK Arena is the shopping area where you can get anything that could be used in-game by spending money on diamonds which are quite hard to earn.

So, in the AFK Arena MOD APK, we have added an option of free shopping, where you will get all the premium items from the game store for free. To unlock this feature, you don’t need to do anything but simply click on the item that you want to get in your pocket, and automatically that will be added to your game inventory list.

No ads

Rooted in, ads are everywhere these days. No game comes without ads that are quite irritating and interrupt your focus. But we designed AFK Arena MOD APK in such a way that you will never encounter any ads during your gameplay.afk arena cheats

How to Play AFK Arena MOD APK?

Before moving to the gameplay, you must know the storyline of AFK Arena first. The story of this game is like that you will be encountered the world called “Esperia”, which is a wonderful world indeed. Same as in the real world, you might face some serious problems here.

The major problem in this world would be “Hypogeans”. Do you know what are they? If not, then take them just like bad evils who will make your living in that world much more difficult and risky. They will attack you to destroy you. But there you also an angel known as a “goddess” who won’t battle, but she can transfer her powers to numerous rarities.

Overall, in the AFK Arena MOD APK, you have to fight bad evils to save your world.


As a matter of fact, AFK Arena MOD APK is an RPG, where you need to fight against evil powers to save the world named “Esperia”. Let’s have a look at how to play AFK Arena MOD APK.

  • First, download and install AFK Arena MOD APK by clicking on the link below.
  • Login to your game to get access to your gameplay.
  • A tutorial will be shown to you where you will learn how to play the game and how to use all the available things in a better way.
  • Now it’s time to look at different available heroes.
  • Select your favorite ones to create your team.
  • Guide your heroes and teach them the nitty-gritty of how to perfectly attach to the enemies.
  • Then your heroes will follow the strategy which you assigned them.
  • The heroes will automatically start attacking the enemies.
  • You can monitor the progress of your heroes at each stage and can better make use of their superpowers.
  • If you don’t have time, simply leave the game on auto mode and the heroes will continue to play the game as per your assigned work. You can also download Guardian Tales Mod APK and Genshin Impact Mod APK from our Site as Well.

How To Download and Install AFK Arena Mod

Grounded in fact, the downloading and installation of AFK Arena MOD APK is quite easy. But if you have never been in APKs before, you must follow the below-mentioned steps to quickly download and install AFK Arena Hack.

Step#1:  First of all, go to the “AFK Arena MOD APK Download” button.

Step#2:  If you’re downloading an APK for the first time, you have to give access to downloading from an unknown source in the setting.

Step#3:  Eventually, the downloading will be completed. The download time solely depends on the internet speed on your device and available space.

Step#4:  After downloading, go to the file manager of your device. Open the file.

Step#5:  Click on the “Install” button to complete the installation.

Step#6:  Now open the installed AFK Arena MOD APK and start playing!

Final Words

On the final note, AFK Arena is an amazing game that comes with many high-end and engaging features to let you keep involved. But many features are locked in the original version, which you need to get with each level up. This means you have to spend lots of time to unlock all the necessary features or you need to spend real money to purchase things in-game store.

Don’t be worried about the money, as our provided AFK Arena MOD APK comes with all the necessary features like unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, unlocked all heroes, and much more. So, you can expect to fully enjoy this game by downloading AFK Arena MOD APK. Happy Perfect Gaming!