Among Us Mod APK 12.14 Download (Free Skins/ Mod Menu)

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Do you have what it takes to be among us?

Among Us requires strategy and the presence of mind in order to win. The backdrop is a spaceship, your crew members are given tasks and one among your crew members will be secretly given the task of being an imposter, other players need to find the imposter and vote him out of the game before the imposter successfully kills all the players to win.

Among Us Game Introduction:

Among Us Mod APK is a multiplayer social deduction game that lets 3 to 10 players play at a time, each player will be assigned different roles, some may be given the task of being an imposter and others could be undercover.

Imposters: The player who has been given the task of being an imposter needs to kill all other players before time runs out and other players need to find the imposter among all members and vote him out of the game.

Undercover: The undercover has been tasked with finding the imposters and winning together, if there are no imposters then he will also win along with the rest of the non-imposters.

It is a game of deduction, deception, and survival, the decisions you make would decide whether you are among us or not.


The gameplay will start with a player’s introduction and his/her assigned roles, while the rest of the players lay down in their pods for rest. The camera will pan towards the Armory Master who gives you your weapons and other equipment for survival.

During the nighttime, each crew member can choose to open or close their pod doors (this is when the imposter can attack if you are undercover and try to look for suspicious behavior). The camera will also zoom toward the airlock which will either close or open depending on your choice.

During the daytime, each crew member has their own tasks to accomplish during the day, while the Imposters have their own. At night players may lie down in their pods to rest as the airlock doors will close.

In Among Us Online during the nighttime, if anyone tries to open the airlock’s exterior door then it would trigger an alarm and send everyone into panic mode. The Imposters need to kill all other players while the Undercover needs to find out who are actually Imposters. You can also Download Roblox Mod APK and Kick the Buddy Mod APK from the site as well.


Unlimited Health:

You will never die from being attacked or from anything else. Because of this, you can just chill and do as you please without having to worry about dying (though it’s not like anyone cares).

Unlimited Stamina:

You won’t need to restore your stamina anymore, because of this you can sprint as much as you want! But…you probably shouldn’t run through the ship with a bazooka…

Unlimited Actions:

 You won’t have to wait for your turn as long as you have actions left. It won’t take a very long time before it’s your turn again.

Max Limit Of Actions Per Turn:

Your character is not going to get exhausted after a few actions, you can do many things without limitations! You can rest or lie down as much as you want!

Non-Stick Tiles:

This is pretty much an ‘all the cheats’ since it automatically enables all other cheats except for Radar, Unlimited Actions, Max Limit Of Actions Per Turn, and Unlimited Ammo. Heal once per turn is still enabled. Supports Infinite Energy.

Enable Cheats:

You can only access the cheats menu when you type in ‘enable cheats’ in Among Us. After you’ve typed it, leave the game menu and click on enable cheats for all other cheats to work properly.

Max Level:

You can progress to level 50 in no time! Without any restrictions, you just have to keep on killing and gaining experience points.

Customizable server settings:

You can set how long a day or night is, and what you get when picking up items from the Armory Master, and you can reset your skills with a click of a button!

Enable Friendly Fire:

You can mess around with your friends and shoot them if for whatever reason they made you angry. But isn’t it better to blame it on an imposter instead?

Enable Monsters:

There are monsters in the game who will roam around the ship and will try to kill you. You can disable them if you want, but don’t blame me when no one is looking…there’s something not so human lurking beneath your feet…

Exp/Level Cap Removed:

You don’t have to stop leveling up! Want to have a level 100 character? You can do it! Want to have a level 200 character? No problem! As long as you keep on killing…

300 Action Points:

Action points are no longer limited, so go crazy with your attacks and kill everything that stands before you.

Max Ammo For Weapons:

You don’t have to worry about running out of bullets in a firefight, just keep on killing.

No Stamina Cost:

You no longer have to worry about running out of stamina from sprinting or anything else! Now you can run as much as you want in a single day!

Enable Low Gravity:

This is actually a fun one. All humans and Imposters will move significantly faster than the monsters.

Enable Monsters Without Night/Day:

The Imposters can still win even if there is no night or day, just be careful that you don’t die before your time!

Enable Metal Floor:

Now instead of hiding in air vents, you can just stay on the metal floors while the monsters roam around trying to find you!

Enable Dark Screen:

Imposters and the monster in Among Us Mod For iPhone will be hard to see when they are in dark rooms, try to stay near lights when playing so you aren’t so hard to spot.

Increase Range Of Attack:

You don’t have to get close to an enemy for your attacks anymore, just keep on clicking them with your mouse from a distance and they will die.

Enable Super Knockback:

With this enabled, you can knock back an opponent without any melee weapons. Just walk into them while holding nothing and see what happens!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need to be Level 30 for Unlimited Ammo?

No, you can actually enable unlimited ammo at any level! But…the higher the level the better gear you will find in the Armory Master, so your game time will likely increase if you are high-leveled.

Can I edit the server settings right away after enabling cheats?

No, you need to restart your game and re-enter the cheats menu once more by typing in ‘enable cheats’ again to be able to do so.

Can I join an already existing game?

No, but you can go to ‘Join Game’ and you can see if anyone is online, then you can click on that person’s game to join.

How do I get Unlimited Ammo?

Type in ‘unlimited ammo’. Be aware that this is a server-sided cheat so it will work for everyone else playing the same map as you!


At last, you can now enjoy your survival games without worrying about dying! Just simply play the game as if it were normal, but with cheats enabled. You will have fun playing Among Us for sure!

Among Us Mod APK has Unlimited Health, Stamina, Actions, Teleport, Max Limit Of Actions Per Turn, Unlimited Ammo, and many more features! I hope you liked this article.