Archero Mod APK 4.6.2 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

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On a clear note, Archero Mod APK is an action-packed game in which you are given the destination of the top archer of the whole kingdom. All you need to do is to fight with dark forces the more strategic your mind and the more leads you’ll generate. Actually, the unclear details are tremendously high and your bow is your only companion to save you from evil. Continue to collect coins, gems, and timely upgrade weapons to stay alive in the game. Boost your talent and enjoy more!

The storyline of Archero Mod APK

This adventure game is specifically designed with many interesting challenges to make you an authoritative Archer of the game. In actuality, the game is inspired by arrow and bow warriors who are always ready to accomplish dangerous adventures. You have full control over the character to defeat the monsters which block your way with a bow and arrow. The security of the whole kingdom will rely on your smartness and strategic movements.archero hack

Features of Archero Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Just Like in Iron Blade Mod APK games, money is the key to happiness in the Archero game. You can unlock talents by spending money, each locked talent demands 100+ coins to get unlocked. And a total of 9 unlocked talents are there in the strategic archero game.

Unquestionably, you can earn coins by killing monsters and completing the given missions, but you need to be patient which isn’t that easy when you want to achieve something instantly. That’s why Archero Mod APK Unlimited Money is now taking the heart of players. With the Archero Mod APK unlimited coins, you can purchase any available item to enjoy hard.

Unlimited Gems

Gem is another important currency of the Archero game APK. You can earn gems by completing missions but they are too little to accomplish your needs.

Gems are significantly important because they allow you to upgrade characters in the game which is a highly necessary thing to fight better with evils. But you need to spend lots of time collecting a few gems that might not be sufficient for your needs.

we MODDED the original version and now you can get Archero Mod APK Unlimited Gems. You can even use the gems to increase your energy, now it’s possible to get Archero Mod APK unlimited energy to get better mileage out of your gameplay.archero new hero

God Mode

This is the most loved feature of Archero APK. In actuality, Archero Mod APK God Mode allows you to become god, so that you’ll remain immune to all threats.

In short, you can say that you’re going to enjoy Archero Mod APK Unlimited Lives as no one would be able to destroy you. Moreover, it also equips you with Archero high damage feature which lets you beat any evil enemy in just one shot.

All Weapons Unlocked

In the Archero adventure game, weapons are the real game-changers as they can save you from any deadly damage. In the original version, you need to unlock and upgrade weapons whenever they are available. It means you can’t get anything before time with empty pockets.

But with Archero Mod APK all weapons unlocked, you can enjoy better by getting access to any of your dreamy weapons to fight against monsters. Stunningly, you’ll also get access to invisible weapons which can’t be seen by your enemies. Looks amazing, right?

Unlimited Shopping

As you’re going to get unlimited money and gems, so you can expect to enjoy Archero Mod APK Unlimited Shopping feature which is attracting more users.  you can expect to purchase everything which you need at any stage of your game.


Most players of Archero Mod APK were complaining about ads that they need to skip every time to continue to gameplay.  we tried to address this thing by providing you with Ads-free Archero Mod APK to enjoy the best of both worlds.

How to Play Archero Mod APK?

Out in the open, Archero Mod APK is an action game in which you have to protect the archer from the hands of evil monsters. This game is quite interesting to play, but you must know that how to play it effectively.archero mod

The gameplay of Archero Mod APK

  • Your main aim in the Archero APK is to find the hidden monsters and attack them to save the archer.
  • Try to make yourself safe from enemies’ attacks as your survival depends on this thing.
  • The trickiest thing is how you blast your arrows while being immobile.
  • Each chapter is full of adventure, try to complete the given tasks of each stage to get promoted to the next level.
  • When you kill any enemy, try to collect their left-behind coins and points.
  • As you got limited abilities, so think twice before using them.
  • You can upgrade the game by using coins.
  • Gems are really important to keep on the innovative gameplay, and using them rightly should be your priority.
  • At each stage there are some surprise awards for you, don’t forget to collect them before jumping to the next stage.
  • Equipment upgrades are available at certain points, try to upgrade them whenever possible.
  • In the original version, you can gain free energy by watching ads.

How to Download and Install Archero Mod APK

Unlike many other games, we kept the download and installation process of Archero Mod APK quite simple and almost the same as for play store games. If you’re new to our website, follow the given steps to accomplish the Archero Mod APK Download.

    • Find the “Download button given in this guide and click on it.
    • Before continuing to download the file, it will ask you to enable “Allow download from an unknown source”. Go to settings and turn on this option.
    • After a few seconds, the downloading will be completed. You must know that the downloading speed will depend on the available space on your device and the speed of the connected internet.
    • Once the downloading is completed, visit the file mange of your phone and open the “Archero Mod APK” file.
    • There, you will see an “Install” button, click on it.
    • Eventually, the installation will be completed.
    • Open the game and you’re done!


How many levels are in Archero?

If we talk about the present levels of Archero  APK, you can enjoy up to 100 levels and with each level, you have to face more evils. As you heroes up to all 100 levels, so it’s not easy to play till the end.

Which weapon is best in Archero?

On the clear ground, the best weapon of Archero is the “Death Scythe”. The reason behind its popularity is its high damage power, knock-back feature, and useful Epic ability to amaze others.

Final Verdicts

In summary, Archero Mod APK is a shooting adventure game that lets you act as the head of your kingdom to save precious lives from deadly monsters and other evils. To enjoy the planned gameplay, you must earn currencies and other essentials to better enjoy. Well, we all know that collecting the currencies has never been so easy in any adventure game.

So, to provide you with a better experience, we are here to provide you with Archero Mod APK Crash which gives unlimited money, unlimited gems, unlimited shopping, all unlocked weapons, and much more to provide you with the best of both worlds. Lively live your Archer life!