Armed Heist Mod APK 2.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Armed Heist is an incredible crime and action video game that you can play for dreadful robberies. Robbing weapon-loaded trucks and banks are mind-blowing. Are you looking for a third-party shooting game that you can not stop playing? Simply put, you have to manage a gang of criminals to plan and execute robberies of banks, small enterprises, jewelry stores, and many more.


armed heist apk
With each level, the difficulties will keep on increasing, and you need to unlock weapons, characters, and other accessories utilizing game money which is hard to earn. In addition, the 3D graphics and premium soundtrack are breathtaking and give a natural vibe. Many players lose interest when they fail to collect enough game money for proceeding to the next level. Armed Heist Mod APK is designed for these players. So, please continue reading to learn more about it.


This game has numerous unique features, which are as follows:

Customizable weapon system:

The best part of this intuitive crime game is you can customize your arsenal to make it more dreadful and formidable for the following robberies. You have to spend game money which you can either collect by playing or watching ads or can buy as well spending real-world money.

Incredible personalization:

Personalization is the striking aspect of this shooting game because it helps the player stay motivated to play the game. You can change the costume of your gang and also replace the gang member with more skilled ones.  By doing so, you can also get killer skin that damages rioters while providing safety simultaneously.

3D crime map:

The fun fact is your gang will get a 3D crime map that tells you the weak security banks, shops, and small enterprises. Moreover, with this map, you can understand where your robbers are at the moment. With this map, you can plan your next heist.armed heist game

Dynamic scenarios:

Get ready for the suspense because when you play the same level repeatedly, the AI-based algorithm of Armed Heist changes the scenario making the gameplay unpredictable for the players. To survive in the game, you have to adapt to the game environment and give skill to your robbing mob.

Armed Heist Game Mod Features

The Mod version of Armed Heist provides the players with many distinct features that are unimaginable in the standard game. Some of the potential gains you will get in this mod are given below:

1. Unlimited money:

What else do you want when you have unlimited game money? You will be able to buy as many weapons in your arsenal as you want. Moreover, you can upgrade characters, weapons, and accessories effortlessly.

2. All levels and weapons unlocked:

Unlocking a new level takes a lot of time because you have to play extensively to complete the ongoing level, which in turn unlocks the advanced level. In addition, you will be able to unlock premium and limited-time weapons without spending real-world money.

3. Without in-game ads:

Believe me or more, ads displayed by the publisher during the game are very annoying. Ads are a monetization method for the game developers to earn money which we can not say is wrong but is displeasing for the one playing the game. In this mod game, you will be free from watching ads during the game.

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How to Armed Heist download?

You have to follow these steps to download Armed Heist modded version:

  • The device must have a connection to a stable and secure internet
  • Now, check the compatibility of the device. Android 5.0 or above and iOS 8 or above devices are compatible with this game
  • After that, click on the download button to start the downloading process

How to install Armed Heist Mod APK offline?

The following steps should be taken to install the Armed Heist Mod APK iOS/ Android successfully.

  • We consider that you have downloaded Armed Heist cheats. Go to the file manager and click on this APK to install it
  • If the process does not start, then allow apps installation from unknown sources in the Settings
  • Enjoy Armed Heist Mod APK unlimited money and weapons without in-game appsrogue heist size


How to enter cheat codes in Armed Heist?

Cheat codes are used to get unlimited money, disable in-game ads, gift tickets, and premium packages, level up, customize, upgrade, and unlock accessories. Those playing standard Armed Heist enter cheat codes, which are unnecessary when you have an Armed Heist mod version.

What are the minimum system requirements to play Armed Heist?

The following are some requirements your device must meet to run this game:

  • Android 5.0 or above, and in case you are going to play Armed Haidt on iPhone, then it must have iOS 8 or above
  • At least 2 GB of integrated RAM
  • 16 GB of built-in storage
  • A fair processor is sufficient for this job

Do I need to root my device to install Armed Heist APK mod?

This mod game does not coerce you to grant special permission like camera, auto-login, reading contacts & emails, etc. In addition, you can install this game without restarting your mobile device, which is phenomenal for a heavy game like it.

What if I want to play the game on a PC?

You can not install Armed Heist Mod APK on your PC because it is meant for a mobile device. But you can still play Armed Heist PC using Android Emulator, enabling the users to run Android apps and games on the desktop. The following steps are essential to play on a PC:

  1. First of all, download and install a suitable Android Emulator on your system
  2. After that, download Armed Heist Mod APK on your system as well
  3. Open the Mod APK by dragging and dropping the APK file into the Emulator for installing the app

Final Words

Armed Heist is a spectacular 3rd party video game, but in-game ads, hard-earned game money, and locked levels are annoying elements. With this mod version of Armed Heist, you can enjoy this fantastic game without any hassle and disruption. Interestingly, you do not have to spend a single penny because we offer modded Armed Heists free of cost.