Azur Lane Mod APK 7.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

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Out in the open, Azur Lane Mod APK is a smart side-scrolling game. The players can collect MOE WW-II warships and can participate in naval warfare. Moreover, you will be allowed to dodge barrages of bullets and can utilize powerful skills to destroy enemies. Being a player, you use all the unique character combinations and any type of ship to enjoy your game at full pace.

Features of Azur Lane Mod APK

Azur Lane Mod APK comes with lots of unequaled features. Some of the high-end features are

Captivating Gameplay

The most stunning thing about Azur Lane Mod APK is that it has engaging gameplay. You can control your front line and bullet hell attacks while surviving powerful attacks to take down your foes.Azur Lane Mod for Ios

Manual and AI Combat

  It allows you to select between manual or automated combat means you will quickly complete battles to earn more rewards.

Multiple Rewards

  To keep you involved in the game, Azur Lane Mod APK provides you multiple rewards with each next level.  You can buy weapons and unlock other excellent features with the help of these rewards.


 like many other Action games, you can upgrade Azur Lane Mod APK. This means you can customize the ship girls to give them the skills which are required to succeed in the battle.

Live 2D Technology

This incorporated feature allows you to engage with your favorite characters using live 2D interaction. Surprisingly, you can enjoy fully animated and voice-based interactions.

More than 25 Ships

  In Azur Lane Mod APK you can collect numerous battleships, aircraft carriers, cruisers, and much more. You can store each ship with unique artwork, stats, and other features.Azur Lane on PC

Unique Super Power

To provide you with some different good experiences, Azur Lane Hack APK comes with all the superpowers that you need to perform well. So, you can enjoy the superpower of your own choice.

Amine Based play

As Azur Lane, Mod APK is an amine-based game, so it permits you to enjoy all the unique features with technicalities.

Sketch your Strategy

  The most stunning feature of Azur Lane Mod APK is that you can build your strategy about how to beat your competitors. So, you will be expert enough to smartly move at each step.

Action-based environment

  Grounded in fact, Azur Lane Mod APK incorporates an action-based environment, which is so high-end to take your heart.

Customize your characters

Ahead of the curve, Azur Lane allows you to easily customize all the characters without any technical hindrance. So, you can get all the properties that you exactly want from your character to play.

Excellent Aging Experience

You will get numerous amine characters, to get the best aging experience. It gives you all the specificities to enjoy your game with each new stage.Azur Lane cheats

Deadly Weapons

Weapons are the most important and attractive feature for any defensive game. So, to provide you with the best experience Azur Lane also comes with high-rated weapons. Practically, you can weapon by spending money, but this Azur Lane Hack APK provides you with unlimited free weapons to use.

No technical error

The best thing about is that you will never face any technical error while enjoying the game. This thing is the main attraction for people of all ages.

What’s New

You will download Azur Lane Mod APK, so you must know what unique features you will get from this MODDED version. Let’s look at some impressive newly added features which allow you to

  • Enjoy unlimited money
  • Enjoy Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited deadly weapons
  • Get as many superpowers as you want
  • You can fully customize your characters
  • Design your residence to your taste
  • Enjoy excellent game controls
  • Come across improved sound effects
  • Get the combination of both action and RPG
  • Enjoy much easier gameplay
  • Destroy your opponents with improved weapons
  • Decorate your own unique home
  • Elevated game controls
  • Unlock more ship girls to elevate your enjoyment
  • Access to high-end battle effects
  • Come by 2D side scroller
  • Organize up to 6 ships to defeat enemies
  • Choose from manual and AI
  • Build your very own fleet
  • Get more than 300 ships each with unique stats and representation
  • Live 2D interaction technology

 No Ads

As ads are now everywhere, which can disturb you during gaming and you might lose your focus during the game. So, to provide you with a better experience, Azur Lane Mod APK has no ads. That’s why you can enjoy your game with full concentration.


On the moral high ground, the gameplay of Azur Lane Mod APK is very impressive but tricky to use. Let’s discuss the steps to play Azur Lane Hack APK effectively.

Step#1: Register your Game Account

Once the download is completed, you need to create your Bili Bili account by using your email address and adding a password.

Step#2: Select the server type

After logging in, you need to choose what server you want to join. The red color indicates that it’s full and green means it’s available. After selecting the server, tap on the start button to start the game.

Step#3: Scenario

After successfully launching the Azur Lane Mod APK, it will take you through the scenario. Here, you can use the main controls of this game to play the awesome scenario.

Step#4: Choose your first ship

Now, you need to choose your first ship to get on with the Azur Lane Mod APK. You will be provided with three ships and allowed to select only one. On tapping on each ship, it will take you to the page showing the stats of chosen ship. So, you will get an idea of which ship is good for you to move on.

Step#5: Give yourself a name

After selecting the ship, the game will ask you for your nickname. You are free to enter whatever name you like. If you don’t have any name in mind, press the dice to get the randomly generated name.

Step#6: Learn from tutorial

After selecting your name, you will immediately be interrupted by the tutorial which will explain to you the nitty-gritty of game controls and how to use them. Here, you will get the option of fighting the enemies to test your skills. You can also Download

Step#7: Construct new ships

Now you can construct new ships or add ships to your formation. As you are playing Azur Lane Mod APK, so you now have a chance to customize your ships in a way you exactly want. In a simple game, you won’t enjoy this feature.

Step#8: Get all the MODDED features

Finally, you can get all the MODDED features in Azur Lane Mod APK which includes unlimited money, gems, customization option, improved graphics, and much more. Just go and unlock each feature to enjoy your game!

Installation Requirements for Azur Lane Mod APK

Before embarking on downloading Azur Lane Mod APK, you must know on which system it will work without lagging. If you are going to install it on the smartphone, make sure that

  • Your device is Android 4.1+
  • Your device must have 2GB or above RAM
  • The available space is more than 2GB

How to Download and Install Azur Lane Mod APK?

On the moral high ground, Azur Lane Mod APK is extremely easy to download and install. If you have installed APKs before, you can skip this reading and directly jump to download it. Well, if you don’t know how to install it, just follow the given steps to make this process simpler and easier.

    • Click on the below-given download button to download
    • Make sure to delete any previously installed version of this game
    • Now go to settings, and enable downloading from “Unknown Sources”
    • Go to the files and click on the downloaded file
    • Here you will see the “Install” button, click on it.
    • Eventually, the installation will be completed
    • Enjoy Free Azur Lane!


Is Azur Lane worth playing?

Firstly, Azur Lane was released in Chinese. Later the English version came. Now it’s getting the attention of millions of people around the globe. Also, it’s available for both android and iOS. It has amazing gameplay and feature to be worth your playtime.

How do you marry in Azur Lane?

To prepare for the marriage, go to the dockyard. And check the affection stats of the ship to which you want to marry. She will show a hear icon with her name on her card and the stats page.

Can you play Azur Lane without spending money?

Some currencies like gems are paid in the game. But the good news is that you can play Azur Lane for free here.

Final Verdict

All in all, Azur Lane Mod APK is one of the most popular games of all time. Although the basic original version of this game is free you can play it with ease. But you need to earn money, gems, and other necessities by yourself which is a time-consuming and tiring process. That’s why we created Azur Lane Hack APK to let you enjoy your game in easy by getting all the desired features for free. Happy Gaming!