Which is better Dragon City or Dragon Mania Legends?

Both Dragon City and Dragon Mania Legends are popular dragon-breeding and battling games, but they have different features and gameplay styles.

Dragon City is a city-building game where players can breed and collect dragons, build habitats for them, and battle other players’ dragons. It also has a social aspect where players can visit and interact with each other’s cities.

Dragon Mania Legends is more focused on breeding and battling dragons. It has a more extensive collection of dragons to breed and collect, and players can also build and upgrade their own dragon island. The game has a single-player campaign and also has multiplayer features like tournaments and events.

In terms of which is better, it depends on personal preference. Dragon City may appeal more to players who enjoy building and managing a city, while Dragon Mania Legends may appeal more to players who enjoy breeding and battling dragons.