Board Kings Mod APK 4.33.2 Download (Unlimited Coins)

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Board Kings Mod APK is a combination of board and building elements. Players can build up their cities by gaining resources. It’s based on the dice rolling idea, in which with each dice roll players get bounces, money, and other game necessities to upgrade the level and to better make their cities. The square-to-square movement along with special tiles looks innovative and interesting!

Board Kings free rolls


Grounded in fact, the main reason behind the success of Board Kings Mod APK is its incorporated features. Let’s discuss what you will get while playing. Actually, you are free to

  • Roll dice to move the player around the board to collect coins, gems, and available freerolls.
  • Pick any card from the mystery pile to win free prizes and rolls.
  • Enjoy the time when friends try to steal something from your board.
  • Freely travel to your friends’ boards to damage their buildings, steal their coins, and conquer their tiles.
  • Include any unique landmarks and buildings while rolling dice.
  • Make your city the “Talk of the town” with famous places like the Eiffel tower, and the empire state building.
  • Unlock new boards for more interesting tasks.
  • Confidently become the Board King for free.
  • Famous landmarks can provide special powers to the player while landing on the tile.
  • Try to provide a happy place for the residents of your city, which are bouncy bunnies.
  • Keep your bunnies happy to better enjoy the game.
  • Use your favorite board theme, dice style, and other game idols.
  • Customize your fun board in the way you want.
  • Fill your board and get a level up.
  • Different 20 game boards are available, which unlock each next level.
  • Invite your friends to join you at the board game party, as it’s a multiplayer game.
  • Travel to visit your friends’ board by landing on certain tiles.
  • Move everywhere to collect displayed coins.
  • Upgrade your board level to step forward in difficult play.
  • Use the money to build your unique metropolis.
  • Protect your board by placing cops all around the board
  • The background music and sound feel surprisingly real.

Unlimited stickers

In the Board Kings, you have a chance to win buck albums. Amazingly, these albums change in each season to tell you a new unique story. You can complete the album by collecting stickers on the board to read the brand-new story.

Board Kings cheats

But collecting all the stickers while moving around the board is quite tiring and time-consuming. So, to save you from any hassle, Board Kings Mod APK now comes with free unlimited stickers to let you enjoy as many stories as you want.

Unlimited Money

Like many other games, money is the key to effectiveness in Board Kings. It helps you to rank high among competitors and allows you to unlock or buy many game boosters. You can earn money differently on the board, but it takes time. If you want to play with ease, you can get this Board Kings Mod APK unlimited money to enjoy like never before.

Improved Graphics

Graphics are the main thing that keeps you involved in the game. Undoubtedly, the graphics on Board Kings’ original version are adequate but are not high-end indeed. To make it more attractive, we have greatly improved the graphics in Board Kings Mod APK. Now it feels like you are playing in your drawing room with family or friends. You will find it more real now!

Free Gifts

Upon rolling the dice, you win amazing gifts in Board Kings. These gifts greatly help you to improve your gameplay and encourage you to play with more potential. As you are limited to getting the gift with the dice roll, so you might find it tiring to collect your favorite things. But with the Board Kings Mod APK, you can unlock as many gifts as you want to enjoy in a better way.

Make it Multiplayer

You better enjoy games with friends. Keeping this thing in mind, Board Kings Hack APK allows you to play with other players to earn tools and coins. Moreover, with this play, you will get unlocked tools, coins, and other gadgets to effectively protect your cities and buildings.

Free Shopping

Undoubtedly, you will get unlimited free money to buy any tools or equipment to create big cities, but for shopping, you have to first unlock the money to buy things. On the other hand, in the Board Kings Mod APK, you will get an option to purchase as many things as you want for free. So, you won’t require any currencies to shop for items.

Fun time

The Board Kings Mod APK provides you with unique emotions to let you have a fun time with your favorite people. All you need to do is to find people with similar choices as yours and you will be allowed to communicate with them throughout the time. Why did we add this feature? It helps you to stay motivated throughout the game time and you will be able to share your success strategies with your friends.

Board Kings hack unlimited rolls

No Ads

Not only you, but all other people are also tired of seeing ads while playing games. You might encounter ads when you are fully involved in the game. Seeing such ads and skipping them to continue to your game is extremely frustrating. That’s why we have introduced ads-free Board Kings Mod APK to you.

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The gameplay of Board Kings Mod APK

After successful download and installing of Board Kings Mod APK, now you must be searching for how to play Board Kings Hack APK. Here is the gameplay of this game.

  • At the start, you will get dice rolls every hour. But these rolls will increase with each level up.
  • After rolling the dice, you have to move around the board to collect coins.
  • Spend the earned coins to upgrade special tiles and buildings.
  • Try to upgrade all the buildings to unlock the next level, which will be equipped with unique new talents and bigger boards.
  • Travel on the train to visit the boards of other players.
  • Destroy others’ buildings and try to steal their money.
  • You can destroy the boards of your friends to add some excitement to your game.
  • If you ever land on a tile that is already occupied by the police car, they will send you back to your board.
  • You will now have an access to vending machine tile which allows you to buy some mystery boxes to unlock new player tokens.
  • Select and install any of the Board king themes which you love.
  • After collecting money, you will have an opportunity to buy landmarks.
  • Let the Board kings’ best landmarks occupy blank spaces on your board.
  • Don’t forget to collect bounces.
  • Move on, earn more, and enjoy better!

How to Download and Install Board Kings Mod APK

As a matter of fact, the downloading and installation of Board Kings Mod APK is not very tricky. If you have been installing APKs from our website, you will find it easy to successfully download this game. If you are new here, don’t worry we are about to take you through the steps that are needed for a successful installation.

  1. Find the Board Kings Mod APK Download link given below.
  2. Click on the download button and it will ask you to allow permission to “allow download from an unknown source”.
  3. Go to the mobile settings, move to additional settings options, select the privacy menu, and here you will find this option. Just enable it.
  4. Eventually the downloading will be completed.
  5. Go to the download manager, jump to downloaded files, and click on the Board Kings Mod APK file.
  6. Here, you will find a button “Install”, and click on it.
  7. The installation will be completed within seconds.
  8. Open the game and enjoy all the unlocked features of Board Kings Hack APK!


How do you get more rolls on board kings?

You can earn new rolls in the Board Kings by spending collected gems, to get 10 additional rolls by spending 80 gems. Moreover, you can buy them with real money. But in the Board Kings Mod APK unlimited gems, you can get as many Board Kings freerolls as you want.

How do I protect my board in the Board kings?

Protecting the city is the main concern for all Board Kings players. But we made it easy now. In the Board Kings Mod APK, you can protect your city from bad guys by landing on the police station, upgrading it, and deploying more police cars around your city. That’s simple!

 Final Words
Grounded in fact, Board Kings is based on an innovative idea of rolling the dice to get access to game essentials and to build your city in a better way. But in the original version of this game, you have to earn everything with effort and you can’t unlock some features before a specified time which frustrates most players. But to resolve this issue, we are now come up with the Board Kings Mod APK. Here, you will find unlimited money, unlimited gems, free shopping, unlocked gifts, improved graphics, and much more. Give it an installation to perfectly enjoy your Board Kings Hack APK!