Designer City Mod APK 1.84 (Unlimited Gold)

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Designer City is a simulation game that permits the players to build their own city and rectifies it as per their wishes. This game is best suited for creative-minded players as they have to build the city from scratch as a City Mayor. Your task is to construct an energy system, educational institutions, hospitals, roads, houses, public offices, and a lot more.

As a player, you are free to build a city on your own, but the restriction is money is required to do so for this, you have to provide jobs to the inhabitants.

Designer City Download PC

It is a hefty job to collect money by playing games. That’s why most of the players quit before building their Designer City. Now, there is no need to wait for so long as you can get unlimited everything with Designer City Mod APK


Free to play:

Just like the Global City video game, the Designer City building game is absolutely free of cost. You do not have to spend a single penny to get started, as the only requirement is the compatible platform to run it.

 Offline mode:

This game can be played when your device is not connected to the internet. Moreover, you will not lose your progress in case the internet gets disconnected somehow. Also, you will not be specified to finish off the level at a specific timeframe.

 Non Scripted game:

What people complain about games is they have the same pattern that makes them bored while playing them over and over again.

In this game, you have to build the city from scratch and invite people to live there to make progress in the game, which requires the player to think creatively.

Simple availability:

Many video games that people love are available for either iOS or Android device users, but it is not the case with Designer City games. No matter if you have an iOS or Android device, you can play this highly adventurous game.

  Multiple player support:

Interaction and competition with other players is the key feature of this game. During the game, you can communicate and text with other players, making it more attractive. Apart from that, this game also lets you share your achievements on different social media platforms.

Designer City APK

The three stages of the Designer City game

Design and built:

As you are the boss, the destiny of the city lies in the way you play. Your playing style can make the city hell or paradise. In the start, you the users have limited money initially you should build those buildings of great importance like hospitals, educational institutions, and homes.

When people start residing in your city, make lucrative destinations like grounds, clubs, and parks where people can spare time.

Manage your city:

After all the construction work is done, and the city has enough people to reside there, your next task is to manage the city by taking all the matters into your hand. It’s time to address the pollution of the town and provide people with better job opportunities by setting up factories and farms. Spend a portion of revenue on the health care and education of the people.

Evolve or redesign:

Once your city is established, and you have started running it, now you have to ask people what they want in the city like the zoo, amusement park, and something like that, and add these things. You can also add mountains, lakes, gardens, and seashores to create your dream city.

designer city building game

Why Designer City Mod APK?

Designer City Mod APK is basically a modified version of the famous Designer City game, which gives you unlimited money and gold. The Mod version is ideal for those who are not interested in putting their valuable time to collect money and gold. Moreover, in the Mod APK, you will also get functionalities that are offered in the empire edition.

How to download and install Designer City Mod Apk?

By following the below-given steps, you can install the cheat designer city game:

  • To download the Mod APK, you must have a sound internet connection which can either be LTE or Wi-Fi
  • Make sure that the OS system of your device allows you to install the file or not. Moreover, devices with Android 4.4 or above and iOS 7 or above support this game
  • Now, click on the downloading link to get the Mod APK file
  • After the file is downloaded, you have to go to settings and give permission for apps installation from unknown sources
  • Once all the above-mentioned steps are taken, you can install the file and enjoy the mod version of the Designer City with unlimited gold and money