Dragon City Mod APK 23.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Dragon City Mod APK is a social site game which is introduced by Social Point. This is a better version of the previous formal Dragon City Mod.  Here, you can gather money to feed the dragons that will fight for you on the battlefield. Further, you can open the dragon cage in this mod APK by using the collected money.

Moreover, you can decorate your city of dragons by using gold and unlocking items. Likewise, the hatching and incubating process of dragons can be improved by using gold. These newly produced hybrid dragons can be developed by mixing the genetic material of the two dragons together. The hybrid dragon has more power than the two from which it is produced.download dragon city mod apk

Additionally, these hybrid dragons will constitute a new city with more advanced powers and extra features known as Dragon City New Version. There are many stunning features present in the Dragon City APK Mod that will help in better warfare and increase the chances of winning the battle.

Further, this game is full of tactics and agile moves which are suitable for all amateur players and expert ones.  In Wendgames Dragon City, you can develop your own city of dragons and raise them providing them with food and fulfilling their basic needs. You will also train them to fight until they become unbeatable soldiers.

In addition to this, you can collect the eggs of the dragons and incubate them in proper conditions. After hatching, they will become giant dragons. Consequently, they will become part of your dragon army. They will fight in battles and conquer islands.

Furthermore, you have to compete with your enemies with dragons with special powers. You will be acting as a dragon master and training your dragons accordingly. Likewise, you can connect with stronger players and can improve your fighting capabilities.cheat dragon city apk

In the same way, you have an option to download the dragon city cheat APK to enjoy the cheat moves. Additionally, unlimited gems can be collected by downloading Dragon city cheat gems. Moreover, you can also gather a large amount of money by enjoying the Unlimited money mod.

Likewise, Dragon city’s unlimited food and gold APK provides you gold and food to unlock dragons and to feed them with the food which is essential to make them strong and powerful. This money and gold can be used to unlock the items from the store that can be used for the decoration of your dragon city.

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Features of Dragon City Mod APK

Numerous dragons

You can enjoy playing with different types of dragons in one game is Dragon City APK. There are almost 500 dragons present in the game. Moreover, you increase their population by raising them after giving them an opportunity to repopulate themselves. This wide variety of dragons will make your city more captivating.

Thrilling adventures

The game involves some thrilling adventures and interesting events that will maintain the interest of the player in the gameplay. It contains daily missions which will give your daily rewards. In addition to this, you will get a chance to collect money after watching the videos.

Create hybrid dragon

Likewise, you can produce a hybrid dragon by mixing the DNA of the two different dragons. The new or hybrid dragon will have the power of both of these dragons and will have more power than the two.

Multiple lands

You can unravel more islands by conquering them with your powerful dragons. You can raise or expand your dragon city if you have dragons of different powers.

Warrior’s chest

These chests can be collected after completing the tasks. In addition to this, you will find these rewards helpful to upgrade yourself on the leaderboard.  The completion of daily challenges will also provide you with coins and some more rewards.

Infinite gems and food

The Dragon City Mod APK provides an infinite quantity of gems and food to the players. This is an extraordinary feature of it.

Additional features

  • No ads
  • No rooting
  • Anti-ban
  • Unlimited gems
  • Infinite money

How to get Dragon City Mod APK?

Dragon City Mod APK game is uncomplicated to download and play. The whole method is described herein the following and you have to follow it one by one.

  1. Go and tap on the link ‘download Dragon City Mod APK’.
  2. Next, start your download by tapping on the link.
  3. Then, locate the file.
  4. Open the downloaded APK file.
  5. Make an account and set up your profile.
  6. Last, start playing and enjoy this adventurous city of dragons.dragon city hack apk

The Gameplay of Dragon City Mod APK

As you have seen, that Dragon City Mod APK is a city that contains multiple types of dragons. So, the task is to build your city with different dragons and make it strong enough. Moreover, the gameplay involves the mixing of the DNA of the two powerful dragons and generating the one which will be much stronger. After breeding, the eggs of the dragons are incubated at the proper temperature and then raised.

Likewise, you have to fulfill the requirements of food for the dragons and provide them with a proper place for living. These dragons will fight for you and help in conquering the islands. In addition to this, if your opponent attacks your island, then these will act as warriors and protect your city.

Further, you can get the benefits by downloading the Dragon City Mod which will provide you with some that will help you a lot in the gameplay. In the same way, another mod that is Dragon City Cheat Mod gives you cheat moves that will help you in growing faster on the leaderboard.

Furthermore, dragon city food provides an opportunity to get unlimited food by using the latest version of it. Likewise, Dragon city has unlimited gems and gold gives you multiple gems and gold which you can use to unlock different dragons and their powers.

The gameplay is online and you cannot play it without a good internet connection. Many features are unavailable in the offline mode. So, download the Dragon city android online on your Androids and unravel its amazing features.

Related Questions

What is the specialty of this Dragon City Mod APK?

The special feature of Dragon City Mod APK involves multiple gems, food, and gold provided to you for free. There will be no interference from ads during playing. And, this mod does not require rooting of your devices.

Is it possible to play Dragon City Mod APK in an offline mode?

No. You cannot enjoy the adventures of the game in an offline mode.

Can you suggest whether this game is compatible with all devices or not?

Yes. This game has good compatibility with many devices like Androids, iOS, and Mac also.


The Dragon City Mod APK is one of the best games in the simulation category that is introduced by Social Point. I have told you all the features and strategies to play in this article.

Moreover, this game is totally Free to download and does not require any money. I must say that you should play the Dragon City APK Mod.

Likewise, this has an adventurous and thrilling journey for all lovers of simulation games. And, those who love dragons and imagine them would love to play them. Additionally, the Dragon city new version is provided on this page ad you can enjoy the latest and new features of this mod apk.

Therefore, just download and enjoy it. if there are any queries relevant to this game, then you can ask here. You have an option below to comment. Go and avail of that option. I will give you answers ASAP. Good Luck!