Dude Theft Wars Mod APK Download (Unlimited Money/Unlock)

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Nowadays, there are many simulation games available. Compared to other games, these games provide a higher level of entertainment, so people are playing them more often. Would it not be cool if you combined simulations and sandbox games in one? Dude Theft Wars Mod APK would be the result! Simulator and open-world simulation game developed by Poxel Studios. The Google Play Store alone has been downloaded over 10 million times! Whether you want to drive cars or upset other people, you can do it in this game. Consider it as the GTA of Minecraft. Keep reading to learn more!

Open-world action and exploration combine in Dude theft wars. This Simulation game is a great choice for anyone who enjoys open-world action games. You can play with different players in this first-person shooting game. It is a game with many interesting features. Because of this, the game has received a lot of positive reviews and ratings.

There are many missions in this game, and you need to complete them to get new things. It is fun to play because you can travel anywhere and you can do so many things. You can play this game offline if you don’t have internet access, so you won’t have to worry if you don’t have access to the Internet.

Dude Theft Wars PC download

With this latest update, you will find additional features and improvements, some of which are unique to this game. Dude Theft Wars is now available to players all over the world. We must stick together to keep the game alive because if our teammates die, we will not live. There are now a large number of new weapons to choose from, such as guns, melee attacks, and Bomb Disco grenades.


Online, Dude Theft Wars is primarily focused on players meeting online and having pointless yet funny battles. This game provides unlimited entertainment when played with friends. Using a gigantic map, it develops a world without any rules. It is only the policemen present on the scene that cause players problems. Creating a riot and dragging the police into the fun makes it more enjoyable and impressive. The Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk game allows players to discuss silly yet fun events with their friends, so it is completely up to them how they play.

You can go anywhere within the city in Jack, as the game is built on an open world. All sorts of activities are possible, such as running, walking like a drunk, driving, etc. You can only select the destination for the character by touching the screen’s corners. Depending on the scene and situation, the character will act accordingly.

To steal videotapes is the first scene you see when you want to do something bad, for example. Jack will automatically display a hand icon on the screen when trying to get something. The one-touch mode on the phone makes it easy to perform these movements. Hold your finger over the hand icon once the tape is in the right place. In addition, Jack’s evil schemes in subsequent scenes are no different.

Playing Dude Theft Wars involves a lot of active play, in which players interact with their surroundings and use weapons to shoot each other. Although there is no offline mode in this game, players can participate in various activities and collect many weapons scattered about.

Dude Theft Wars online

The play can also resupply ammunition by killing other players, where each weapon requires compatible ammo. Also, players can greet each other while shopping at shops that serve as safe points. Every time the game is played, the crazy element becomes even more pronounced, and there is always work to be done to enjoy the game.

There are almost no limits to what you can do in this Dude Theft Wars Mod APK game! All kinds of things can be used in it, from TVs to weapons! Dude Theft Wars gives you access to a lot of weapons, including SMGs, revolvers, shotguns, and your hand for slapping people. As well as cars, skateboards, UFOs, karts, and monster trucks, you can also drive anything else you like! Brand new cars are also available! Dude Theft Wars never gets boring because there is so much to do!


Multiplayer Mode

Play with real players around the world or invite your friends to play. This is one of the best features of the game. As you compete with real players, this feature allows you to showcase your skills. In addition to the challenge of battling real players, you can choose missions and stages. Despite the fact that there are so many different maps and minigames to play, this game will never bore you.


This Dude Theft Wars Mod APK game does not require cheating. Your player can be saved if he or she is in danger. In this game, you will find many secret places and many places that people are unaware of. To complete the missions you get, you must find these objects. As you will have to visit a lot of places in order to complete the mission, we are able to call this a true adventure game. Therefore, this game is very popular throughout the world.

Open World Sandbox Game

You will become a master thief after playing this game, and you can commit heists. However, beware of the police, as they will hunt you down. You will have to outrun the enemy in order to survive. Missions progress the story. As you climb, you’ll have the chance to take part in other activities.


Because there are no restrictions, you can play the various minigames anytime, anywhere. This game can be played online with your friends, but it can also be played without an internet connection. In addition to shooting and basketball, there are driving, bowling, zombies, and driving minigames.

dude theft wars cheats

Story Mode and Missions

There is so much to offer its players in this game. Play the story mode to find out what happens next. As this game has an open world, you can play as a good or a bad person depending on how you want to play it. You need to be creative and have strategies to complete the missions. A total of 16 players can also play.

Quality Graphic

 You may be reminded of Minecraft and Roblox by the graphics in this Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk game. The game may even be a mix of both! Despite that, you will appreciate everything because you are playing in first-person.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Mod Menu
  • Free Shopping
  • Ads Free
  • Unlock Chad


 Is Dude Theft Wars available for PC?

Answer: This action game developed by Poxel Studios is called Dude Theft Wars Offline & Online Multiplayer. If you want an immersive gaming experience on your PC or Mac, BlueStacks is the best app player for you! Get paid to take selfies, fly planes, take selfies, and so much more!

Can we play with friends in Dude Theft Wars Mod APK?

Answer: With its offline story mode, you can play relaxing and fun games in a beautiful open world. In addition, the game includes fun and challenging missions. Play online action games with your friends in online multiplayer mode.

How to get the Last Character in a Dude Theft War game?

Answer: A grenade should be thrown at the big bomb structure on the roof of the building. Then, a dancing bomb should be thrown at the man. His face should turn red. Snap a picture of the man at this sign.

Wrapping Up

You can shake the city in whatever way you like with Dude Theft Wars. If you don’t want it to continue, no one can stop it. Make the police and people nervous by performing dramatic actions. Become a notorious criminal by downloading the Dude Theft Wars MOD APK. So what are you waiting for?