Fallout Shelter Mod APK 1.15.10 (Unlimited Resources)

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Do you want to be the Overseer of your own Vault? With Fallout Shelter, you can take control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault from the comfort of your home. Build the perfect Vault, keep your Dwellers happy, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.

 Accept challenges from The Overseer to earn wonderful rewards– like new items, outfits, and characters for your dwellers. Keep tapping that “Quests” button to see all current quests… plus any others we might be cooking up in the test kitchens! For those quests that require you to tap on specific characters or objects.

Fallout Shelter Mod APK Introduction

Fallout Shelter MOD APK is the modified version of the Fallout Shelter, in which you will not need to pay for lunch boxes. Create a brighter future…underground! Build a brighter home for your Dwellers today with the all-new workshop feature. New quests, new rooms, and much more await in this exciting game.


Fallout Shelter is a simulation game that was released in June 2015 for iOS and Android devices. In the game, the player must build and manage their own Vault from an underground shelter, protecting their Dwellers from the dangers of the Wasteland. Fallout Shelter achieved over 50 million downloads within two months of its release.


The gameplay of Fallout Shelter cheats is largely based on that of the Dungeon Keeper series. The player must build and manage their Vault, and protect their Dwellers from the dangers of the Wasteland. They must also assign Dwellers to various tasks in order to keep their Vault running, such as gathering resources or defending the Vault from attack.

The player can complete quests for The Overseer in order to earn rewards, such as new items, outfits, and characters for their Dwellers. These quests often require the player to tap on specific characters or objects.

After once such a quest has been completed, the player will receive lunch boxes to send Dwellers out into the Wasteland.

These lunch boxes may contain rewards such as new items for their Vault, outfits, and weapons which they can equip to their Dwellers when they return, or in some cases specific characters that can be assigned to various rooms in the Vault.

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Fallout Shelter Mod APK Features

The features of the Fallout Shelter Board Game are as follows:

Unlimited lunch boxes

With the MOD, you have unlimited chances of getting valuable items and weapons in your game. Even if there are some rare items that are not available after you freshly install the game, don’t worry they will appear after a while.

More quests

The quests become more frequent once you download the mod for free! This way you will be able to get better rewards each time you complete the given missions in the game. This is also one of the main reasons why people like Fallout Shelter mods. More quests= more fun, right?

fallout shelter ios

Unlimited Guns

In Fallout Shelter, you have several types of weapons in your inventory, from pistols to plasma rifles. Unfortunately, the quest available at the beginning requires you to collect wood and steel, which is not possible with only one weapon. Luckily for you, MOD APK has unlimited guns!

Unlimited Energy

The game producers obviously wanted people to play it on a daily basis, but there are several aspects that discourage this. One of them is energy; sometimes you can easily find yourself with no more energy (which regenerates over time) and unable to do anything useful. Fortunately, the Fallout Shelter PC download provides unlimited Energy for our favorite game!

Advanced Hints

These are very useful when you play Fallout Shelter MOD, especially when you cannot figure out what to do next. We have to admit that the game seems pretty difficult at first, but it becomes much easier after applying some of these hints!

Building Lab

A new room was added to the game with this MOD APK, which allows you to create a Power Armor from Junk. In order to access it, you have to unlock other rooms first and then upgrade them a couple of times!

Advanced Weapons

Fallout Shelter has several types of weapons that can be used by your Dwellers. We have divided it into three categories: Melee, Ranged, and my favorite is Special. After going through some serious upgrades in the Advanced Weapons room, your Dwellers will be able to use a variety of powerful rifles!

Instantly complete quests

That’s right! You can complete all current quests instantly after downloading unlimited lunchboxes in Fallout shelter! All you have to do is send out Dwellers who have been assigned this task. Of course, they will have to return successfully in order for the quest to count as completed.

Clear stuck quest

It will be possible to complete quests that are locked or cannot be finished because of random circumstances. This way you won’t lose your lunch boxes anymore!  Get these unlimited resources for free.

fallout shelter game

Customize Your Dwellers

There are over 40 character traits available, so you can customize your Dwellers according to your preferences. You can change their hairstyles, clothes, and other customization options (including voice which has no use in the game yet).

No Building Requirements

To be honest, there is not much difference between this MOD APK and the original Fallout Shelter App. The only difference worth mentioning is that it gives you unlimited access to all buildable rooms!  Build separate floors without worrying about how many resources you have left.

Customize Vault layout

It allows you to make several changes in your Vault; for example, put together the rooms of the Power Plant and Water Treatment. This way you will be able to get more out of each amazing stuff in the game.

More Caps

With this mod app, you can easily overturn any bad situation with just one tap. You will be able to earn more caps for completing quests and daily missions, so the only thing left for you to do is sit back and relax while your Dwellers work hard for this awesome currency!

No Radiation Sickness

This means that sometimes when people play fallout shelter android games they get sick without knowing why. Usually, it’s because of radiated water or food that was eaten by their Dwellers. The illness lasts 3 hours but if you download the MOD version this won’t happen again!

How To Download & Install Fallout Shelter MOD APK?

Even though the game is pretty straightforward and easy to install, this guide will help you understand how to play it.

Step 1. First,  you have to click on the download button below.  Save the file anywhere on your device.

Step 2. Now it’s time to open or install the fallout shelter hack

Step 3. Now, wait until the installation process is properly completed and launch the game!

Note: Make sure you have enabled the installation from unknown sources because mod apk files are usually disabled by the Android security systems, which are a hindrance during the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Dwellers can I have in my Vault in this game?

You are allowed to have a maximum of 250 Dwellers in your Vault.

What is the maximum level that my Dwellers can reach?

The current level cap is 100.

What are the best weapons in the game?

Melee weapons are generally better than ranged weapons, but it depends on the situation. Special weapons are the most powerful ones and can be very useful against strong enemies!

How do I get more caps?

Completing quests and daily missions is the best way to earn caps! You can also sell junk items for this valuable currency.

How do I speed up my tasks?

 You can speed up the process of building or upgrading your rooms by tapping several times on that particular object. This also helps you skip time during quests and missions!


If you are a fan of Fallout Shelter, then MOD APK is just what you have been looking for. You can get unlimited resources and complete every quest faster than ever before!  Having more caps will surely help you progress in the game faster. I hope this was helpful, so try it out now!