Gardenscapes Mod APK 6.6.2 (Unlimited Stars)

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Do you have what it takes to become a true garden design master? Turn your yard into a tranquil retreat, combine gorgeous lawn furniture sets and decorate with hot tubs, ponds, fountains, and more! Learn tips & tricks for growing topiaries in containers, flowers on vines & trees that bear fruit! Expand the outer edges of your garden by uncovering hidden objects. Make your house a one-of-a-kind showpiece as you restore a lively estate to its former glory. Gardenscapes MOD APK ( Unlimited Money ) can be downloaded and played on Android devices, make sure you download it today!

Gardenscapes Mod APK Introduction:

If you want to download this game from the google play store, certainly you’re going to find a price tag for the in-app purchases. but not today my friends! because I have got a very special gift for you. I am introducing Gardenscapes with unlimited money and unlocked levels which makes it easy for you to go ahead in the game without any hesitation.

Gardenscapes Mod APK iOS

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Gardenscapes online is a virtual simulation that allows us to design our own garden atmosphere according to our taste and mood at that point in time. In just a few steps we can create a relaxing atmosphere around ourselves without having to go outside of our homes by simply switching on the application form wherever we are sitting or lying down anywhere in our house.

Gardenscapes MOD APK Gameplay:

The gameplay of Gardenscapes cheats is very simple and easy to play where we have a fully functional garden around us. We can move freely inside the garden without any restrictions or limits set on us by the game developers. There are a lot of things that we need to take care of in our garden like lawn mowing, choosing different types of plants for planting, grafting trees, etc.

Experience the power to create your own stunning gardenscapes! Restore a neglected garden, complete challenging match-3 levels, and renovate different areas of the yard. Choose from hundreds of beautiful and eye-catchy items to customize the garden to your taste.

Visit different locations around the world as you progress through each chapter on an exciting gardening adventure. Discover hidden collectibles on every level and find out about the wise old grandmother who watches over your journey.

Features Of Gardenscapes Mod APK:

Unlimited Money:

Wanna upgrade your garden, but have no money? Gardenscapes PC download game has got your back! With unlimited money, you can buy all the plants, decorations, and furniture you want and make your garden look as amazing as possible.

Unlocked Levels:

In the regular game, you have to complete certain levels in order to unlock the next one. But with Gardenscapes MOD, all levels are unlocked from the start, so you can progress through the game at your own pace.

Gardenscapes cheats

Ads Removed:

No more annoying ads while you’re playing our game! The Gardenscapes game for android removes all ads, so you can focus on your garden without any distractions.

Unlimited Lives:

In the regular game, you only get a few lives and once they’re gone, you have to wait for them to recharge. But don’t worry you have infinite lives, so you can keep playing without having to worry about the important resources running out.

Unlimited stars:

In the regular game, you need stars to progress to the next level. But with this version, you get unlimited stars (after downloading our provided version), so you can keep playing without having to worry about running out.

Decorate the garden:

While enjoying the unlimited resources make sure you decorate the garden your way with roses, lawnmowers, etc. Make it lively and enjoy your leisure time.

Beautiful Graphics:

Game graphics are very attractive and eye-catching. Gardenscapes unlimited stars have enhanced the game graphics, so you can see your garden in its full beauty.

Amazing gameplay for hours of fun:

You won’t get bored playing this game because it’s super addictive! You’ll have to completely stick with it until you finish all levels and unlock all the different areas on the map.

Endless Fun :

There are no limits set on you by the developers while playing this game. So have endless fun! With over 800 challenging matches and 3 levels, there is always something new that lies ahead in this amazing garden experience.

Timely Updates:

Ensures that you get all timely updates and bug fixes. So, there is no chance of facing any technical issues while playing this game.

Undo Button:

There might be a time when you wish to undo the last move you made in the game. But with the regular version of Gardenscapes, if your player falls down, then there’s nothing you can do but start over again. However, with this version they’ve added an extra feature where if your character falls down in the garden making a wrong move, then you just have to touch the rewind button and it will automatically restore your previous move giving you another chance to win the round!

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Complete Missions & Get Stars:

In the regular version of Gardenscapes, you are allowed to play a level even if you don’t complete your mission. But with this mod, there is no free pass given, so each level will only be completed by completing your mission or quest. And for that purpose, you get stars at the end of each successful round which can then be used to unlock new locations on the map.

New Garden Pics:

Download Gardenscapes Mod APK and decorate your entire garden with beautiful flowers, trees, etc. Make it lively and full of life!

How To Download Gardenscapes Mod APK:

Step 1. First of all, make sure you’ve enabled the important settings “Unknown Sources” on your Android device. If you don’t know how to do that, then please follow the instructions below:

Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Tick the checkbox next to “Unknown Sources”

Step 2. Now download the Gardenscapes Mod APK from the link

Step 3. Once the file has been downloaded, open it and install the game on your Android device.

Step 4. That’s it! You’re now ready to enjoy all the benefits of Gardenscapes APK. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Gardenscapes Mod APK safe?

Yes! It is completely safe. I’ve personally used this mod and there was no problem faced whatsoever! All the features in this version of the game are working.

Does my progress get saved after installing this mod?

Yes, it does! Your data goes directly to your SD card and you can play from exactly where you left off before with all your lives intact! So for any updates or bug fixes, you will have to follow the steps given above again which is very simple!

What devices is Gardenscapes Mod Compatible with?

This gardenscapes unlimited booster works on every Android device that meets the minimum requirements: Android 4 .0.3 and up. So regardless of what device you’re using, this mod will work on it without any issues!

I’m getting an error message saying “Parse Error”. What should I do?

Please first uninstall any previous version of Gardenscapes that you may have installed on your Android device. Once that’s done, re-download the Gardenscapes APK from the link given above and install it again following all the steps mentioned in this tutorial.

I’m not able to see the rewind button. What could be the problem?

If you’re not able to see the rewind button, then it means that your device doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for running this gardenscapes unlimited lives which is Android 4.0.3 and up. So please check your device’s compatibility and upgrade to the latest version of Android if needed. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy playing the regular version of Gardenscapes!


So that’s all from this tutorial! As you can see, the Gardenscapes Mod APK file is very small in size compared to the regular version, but it gives you so many extra features which makes it much more worth playing. So download the modded version today and enjoy unlimited lives along with completing your missions, unlocking new locations on the map, etc.!