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Happy Mall Story Mod APK is an addictive free mobile game in which you become the director of a shopping mall. This free game features over 50 characters that can be recruited through story events or purchased with in-game currency. Simulating life as a director of the shopping center is fun and exciting as well as challenging as you have complete control over every aspect of the game.

Well, Happy Mall Story is a fantastic free game for all those who love to shop. From the test shoppers to the employees and even the management, every one of them is so wonderfully made that you will fall in love with them all. The developers have spent countless hours making sure that everything is seamlessly integrated with the shopping experience.


Exciting APK Mod

Using an APK is easy; install it onto your device and enjoy. Happy Mall Story is a free, unlimited fun game to build and maintain a shopping center. You are given unlimited resources and all the sets, textures, and models necessary. The game offers several different paths to take your center on, ranging from easy, medium, and challenging. Be sure to keep an eye on resources as every action takes it away from you, maintaining your overall interest high.happy mal

Arranged trips

Furthermore, customer tours can be scheduled for your shopping center within approximately 12 hours. These trips can bring more money, buyers, and goodwill to your facility. And get Happy Mall Story Mod APK mod unlimited golds and crystals.

Promote your shop

Happy Mall Story stands out because it gives the player control over which stores will promote their products and services. Every day many different promotions are going on in stores all over the country. The game’s overall goals are to attract shoppers and keep them, thereby creating a fun and engaging environment.

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The fever mode

Daily, after a period of data collection, your center will access the Fever mode. That provides you with massive revenue as well as the opportunity to access other rewards such as precious gems and diamonds.

Ad-free game

Happy Mall Story is an ad-free environment that offers fun for gamers. The Free version has basic features and games included but with in-app purchases that can provide added value for some.

Excellent graphics

Instead of realistic 3D graphics, Happy Mall Story Mod APK is attracted in a comic style. The menu pub and other information are reasonably designed without interfering with the hotel mall story game’s home screen.download happy mall story mod apk

Multiple awards and gifts

Happy Mall Story is a free-to-play mobile game where you can visit various shops to purchase multiple items with money. The game offers different types of shops which include food stands, beauty parlors, and gift shops. By interacting with these shops, you can level up your character and purchase new items. One thing that makes it unique is that instead of just giving you free money. Happy Mall Story Mod APK gives you an item that increases your level allows you to enter an amazing shop with better rewards.

What are new and additional features?

The game’s objective is for the manager to build and maintain the best shopping mall in the area by strategically using resources and purchasing stocks. The player has to manage their finances by balancing their daily expenses with their monthly income to do this.

  • Please create your mall by adding additional floors & filling it with stores, unique attractions, and mall conveniences!
  • It’s free to download and play!
  • Enhance Shop Appeal to gain more customers. Please take a look at their adorable interactions with shopkeepers!
  • Run trips and Fever sales to earn big profits!
  • Open 120plus shops as well as 30+ salesperson types!
  • Download cheat happy mall story to win fast.
  • Tip one’s friends and brag about your mall!
  • Increase the size of your mall, enhance retail outlets and facilities, and invest to earn coins!
  • Offline mode! Manage one’s mall without consuming data.

How to play

The player controls a store and manages it by buying supplies, upgrading buildings, promoting products, and ultimately running the business under one roof. The game offers a choice between three different shops to manage: The Shop with Basic Needs, a Shop with Specialized Needs. It provides more specialized services and a Shop with Ultimate Feel, the ultimate mall, and hosts special events.

You will visit different shops and mingle with customers while trying to keep your balance and ultimately earn the highest score! This funny and addictive game offers multiple ways for players to make coins, increase their score, battle different opponents and compete in daily missions.mall story mod apk

Play actively means taking active steps towards playing Happy Mall’s popular real-time strategy game by forming a party with friends and then completing public challenges together. Warning players typically give general challenges before they can access them.

When you play happy shopping mall, you have to use items and skills in the correct order. You have to use a mall map initially, find items from other rooms on it, and finally use the map to get to the exit. There are many tasks in the happy mall game, so you have to prioritize them and find the best order to complete them in cit happy mall story.

How to install it?

Happy Mall Story is an application that can track or manage customer transactions occurring within any retail location. Any activity within a store can be tracked, such as when a customer buys something from the products. Happy Mall Story Mod APK is a favorite shopping app by Google, and as the name suggests, it is all about the stories behind the products you shop for. Here are some simple steps to Happy Mall Story Mod APK free download are as follows:

  • First of all, go to device settings, then go to security options
  • Turn on unknown sources to install a happy mall story on your device
  • Now you can download the Happy Mall Story Mod APK terbaru game from their official website
  • Store the main downloaded file in your storage
  • Now click on the downloaded file & install the happy mall story mod unlimited money android apk
  • When it will finish, open and enjoy the game to play. You can download Game happy mall story for pc and Happy Mall Story Mod Apk iOS too.

FAQs (related questions)

a.      How to improve your facilities to hold more money?

If you intend to play this for an extended period, you may also want to upgrade existing your favorite facilities. So that those who hold the highest possible money, so when you claim the money, it is a sizable amount.

b.      What is more stunning in happy mall story to play?

Happy Mall Story is a fun, addictive card game for all ages. Build your cheerful mall by weaving your way through increasingly difficult obstacles. Use your cards to build paths, statues, and more — up to you! Upgrades help you add more items, new options, or more coins to your score. However, you get there; keep an eye on your cash!

c.       How many stores do my customers visit before leaving my mall?

Buyers will visit three to six shopping stores before leaving. If they run out of coins, they will leave early.

d.      How can I increase the purchasing power of my customers?

You can buy by placing items on shoppers or constructing ATMs. Item Shop is where you can purchase items. Typically, when people need money, they go to an ATM. The more coins an ATM receives, the higher its level.


Happy Mall Story Mod APK is an entertaining and interactive visual game where you play the director of a large retail store. It features an engaging storyline with multiple endings based on how well you manage and build your store. Your goal is to keep the supermarket stocked with what customers want while providing unique and improving customer service.

The first one that we bought was Happy Mall Story, a free download on the Play Store. Furthermore, happy Mall Story is the best free mobile game to please your family, friends, or whoever is interested in buying stuff at your favorite mall. It has a lot of different ways to play, which include daily challenges and weekly events. Moreover, you can join in on the fun by creating your mini-games and sharing them with other players online.