Idle Heroes Mod APK 1.29.0 (Unlocked all Heroes)

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Rooted in, the Idle Heroes Mod APK is a role-playing game that comes with innovative gameplay. It’s based on the heroes fighting to equip you with different rewards. You’ll get 200 different heroes having unique skills in different fractions. The players have the authority to train the heroes to make them more powerful. Moreover, you can fight with the best players to earn generous rewards.


The main attractive thing of any video game is the incorporated features which differently attract the users towards it. These days almost all games are coming with the same kind of storyline and copied features which users are finding boring in all ways. But Idle Heroes Mod APK is entirely different and getting millions of downloads due to its high-end innovative features. Let’s discuss what you will get there.

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Lots of Heroes

On the clear ground, Idle Heroes Mod APK is a strategic game. But unlike other such games, it comes with lots of heroes, each with different superpowers and abilities to invade the world. Idle Heroes’ characters keep the players involved in the game.


Ahead of the curve, Idle Heroes Mod APK allows you to make your own heroes team. You are free to choose any of your favorite heroes to take them for your next battle. It permits you to better challenge the opponents and to quickly defeat them.

Open Fighting

The good thing about Idle Heroes Mod APK is the open fighting system. This means you can play in any team, join that team and fight with the opponents by overcoming the weaknesses of your teammates. In this way, you can fight in any team to get new experiences.

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It’s the most loved feature of Idle Heroes Mod APK. Idle Heroes enabling is based on a world full of many races, each with different shapes and powers to keep the player engaged throughout the journey.

Idle Heroes apk latest version

Different Environment

Idle Heroes APK has lots of different environments which are diverse and rich to let you enjoy differently with each Idle Heroes VIP level. As the player travels to different lands, these environments will continue to change.


The player can upgrade the character’s strength and mechanics whenever the gameplay allows it. You will have certain strengths for s specific period, and with the release of a new meta, you will be able to add something new to your characters.

Learn Well

The Idle Heroes Mod APK allows you to train your heroes in a way that they can fight better in the next battle. But before giving them any training, you must know what powers you need and how to make a proper strategy to conquer the world. The good thing is that you will continue to learn new techniques from other players and even from opponents. Just stay focused.

Unlimited Money

Money is the key to success when you have a good strategy to play Idle Heroes Mod APK. But need to keep patience to collect a handsome amount, which isn’t that easy. To save your time, we are here to provide you with Idle Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Money.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are the second most valuable currency in the Idle Heroes Mod APK which can earn by fighting with evils and leveling up. So, again you have to wait and spend lots of time to get a few diamonds which is tiring for all players. That’s why we come with Idle Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds to let you enjoy hard.

Unlimited Gems

If you want to get new unlocked heroes, their different equipment, and dressing styles, then you must have gems to spend. Surely, you can earn gems by fulfilling the requirements of each level which is somewhat time taking. However, you can now enjoy Idle Heroes’ free gems to play better.

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Free Shopping

As you will get Idle Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Money and diamonds along with the free gems, so you can enjoy free shopping to your desired level. This Idle Heroes Mod APK Free Shopping feature has the heart of users.

Play Offline

As Idle Heroes is a bit heavier game, you have to play it online, but the internet might not be stable on all your ways. Don’t worry, now you can enjoy Idle Heroes Mod APK Offline. All you need to do is just install Idle Heroes Mod APK on your device.


Almost all players hate the ads which disturb them in the gameplays. Believe me, you can better enjoy in no-ads mode. To make our users happy, we are now providing ads-free Idle Heroes Mod APK to provide you with the best of both worlds.

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You need to follow the given rules and tips to effectively play Idle Heroes Mod APK.

  • Before continuing to the gameplay, you have to register an account. Upon successful registration, you’ll get a 5-star hero that will help you throughout your journey in the game. These heroes are worthy.
  • Your main motive in the game is to fight with the monsters to save your life.
  • You are required to fully concentrate on forming a team with the strongest partners.
  • To fight with the evils, you will need power which can only be obtained after successfully crossing the game levels.
  • Never forget to collect all available things at each level as they can equip you with experience.
  • Once you have formed your team, you have to attack the evils in the game and beat them to enjoy amazing gameplay.
  • Never attempt to include low-rank heroes in your team. As the heroes below 4-star rank can quickly become useless.
  • After every 48 hours, you will get an option to fight in the Aspen Dungeon against deadly enemies. Try to achieve this opportunity to unlock tons of rewards and experiences.
  • Demon potions are the hardest enemies to kill in the game, but you need to kill them to get devasting energy for your next moves.
  • When you log in to the game every day, you will get superb rewards.

How to Download and Install Idle Heroes Mod APK?

To provide you with the best of both worlds, we kept the downloading and installation of Idle Heroes Mod APK quite simple and attractive to keep you stress-free on the whole journey. Well, if you have been downloading APKs from our website, skip this part and download your game. But if you’re new here, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps for a successful installation.

  • First of all, find the “Download Idle Heroes Mod APK” button in this guide.
  • Click on it to start downloading. But if you install an APK for the first time, it will ask you for some permissions.
  • You have to allow “Downloading from an unknown source”. To do so, go to the settings and turn on this option.
  • Eventually, the downloading will be started. But the download speed will completely depend on the strength of your internet connection and available storage space on the device.
  • Once the downloading is completed, go to the file manager of your mobile and open the “Idle Heroes Mod APK File”.
  • Here, you will find the “Install” button, click on it to install the Idle Heroes
  • Open the file and you’re done!


What is the best monster in Idle Heroes?

Out in the open, “Phoenix” is the overall best starting monster in the Idle Heroes Mod APK. This is because it’s the hybrid of both Deer and Wolf to provide you with the best of both worlds. In actuality, Phoenix can deal with the burning damages and also can heal your heroes.

Can you cheat in Idle Heroes?

Yes, you can cheat in Idle Heroes. Players get Idle Heroes Cheats in many ways. The most amazing and safe way is to install the Idle Heroes  APK which is available for both Android and iOS. The other way is by injecting the code into the game to improve the gameplay features.

Final Words

On a clear note, Idle Heroes MOD APK is an RPG that is specifically designed for strategic game lovers. With the Idle Heroes characters, you will be able to fight evils to save your life and to secure your belongings. Idle heroes enabling is bringing fruitful adventures to the world. But in the original version, you’ll find it hard to earn money and to unlock different resources. So, we MODDED Idle Heroes to provide you with everything in bulk and for free. Download it to enjoy the amazing unlocked features!