Iron Blade Mod APK v2.3.0h (Unlimited Money) Android

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Rooted in, Iron Blade Mod APK is the monster-hunting game that supports RPG and comes with amazing graphics. The gameplay is based in medieval Europe and filled with war which lets you discover the magical world that can be brought you to the life. The player is allowed to collect the powerful superweapons to skill the deadly monsters. To test your ability, lots of specially designed dungeon strongholds and fictional locations are there. Wait for stunning adventures and great achievements!

The storyline of Iron Blade Medieval Legends

The storyline of this game is quite different and unique compared to other fighting games. This game can let you enjoy real French history of the past times when the late king Philip was having a debt to the “Template Knights”. In actuality, Philip was overtaken by king Bal which is the main reason why France opted to move in the footsteps of the Hell Army.

Iron Blade Free Rubies

In the Iron Blade Mod APK, you’ll be acting as Damian. You will be given the title of last surviving knight of the organization. Your basic aim in the game is to fight and kill king Philip and the Army of his friend king Baal to bring peace once again to France.


Iron Blade Medieval Legends RPG MOD Features: Unlimited Money

Treading carefully, the Iron Blade Mod APK is getting more fame just due to its innovative, high-end features. This game comes with the following amazing features and much more.

  • When the demonic army of war reaches you and there will be no castle except his bloody cross and conflict. At that time avail the chance of raising the sword to become a monster hunter to fulfill the voyage prophecy for the rest of time.
  • You will have access to the story of intrigue and betrayal as you move through the challenging scenes of this RPG game.
  • Iron Blade Medieval Legends are allowed to create fast chains of the sword during the immense attacks of the war.
  • Players can enjoy every gaming action in the deep dungeon.
  • You can make your fighting abilities more shinny by combining monsters and hunters.
  • The feature of developing a fantasy fighting style has the heart of users.
  • The gathered armor of war and weapons which you can collect during your adventure game can all be used in fighting.
  • You can free your opponents by using highly active skills and destructive witch.
  • The feature of creating an effective epic RPG empire allows you to widen it into a castle to double the gaming experience.
  • You will find this fighting game full of epic warriors, arcane mysteries, and discord.
  • The hand feature of purchasing and improving the Fortress Defenders greatly helps in saving resources from discord when you’re away from the sports place.
  • You can also loot the rich sources of different gamers by invading their area.
  • Connect your social media accounts with the Iron Blade Mod APK to invite your friends and to discuss or show your gameplay techniques or victories, if you really want to impress them.

What’s New?

As you are here to get the Iron Blade Mod APK, so you must know what amazing features you are going to unlock at no additional cost. Interestingly, all the provided features are somehow unlimited and you won’t need to pass through any tough process to unlock any of them. Just tap on the relevant tab to get your job done and enjoy Iron Blade like never before.


Iron Blade For PC Download

Unlimited Money

In the MODDED version of Iron Blade, you will get as much money as you want to accomplish your all-dreamy needs and make in-game purchases. Stunningly, Iron Blade medieval legends Mod APK unlimited money is now having the heart of users.

Unlimited Diamonds

Another important currency in the game is diamonds which are really necessary to get the fighting material if you really want to win in the game. With the Iron Blade Mod APK unlimited diamonds, you can unlock more inventories.

Unlimited Rubies

Most people are in search of a MODDED Iron blade just to get the Iron Blade Mod APK unlimited rubies as all the game scenes will look too dull without them.



Hiding nothing, Iron Blade is a heavier game and you surely need a stable internet connection to play it well. That’s why we now modified it in a way to let you play it even offline with full charm and equal enjoyment. This is the reason Iron Blade Mod APK Offline is even more popular than the original version.


Amazingly, Iron Blade Mod APK’s latest version is now ad-free, which means you can enjoy the smooth gameplay without the hassle of skipping ads again and again. This feature makes the gameplay even more attractive and engaging. You can also download Archero Mod APK having the same features.

Iron Blade Game

The gameplay of Iron Blade Mod APK

On the clear ground, the gameplay of Iron Blade Mod APK is different from other games as it offers some simple styles in which you can fight easily. Before making your hand firm on the gameplay, consider removing the virtual gamepad which helps it focus more on the attacks. Go and free download Iron Blade Mod APK to enjoy the amazing game scenes. You must know that fighting is the main theme of Iron Blade Mod APK, and killing is the key. If you’re ready with these two, let’s discuss the gameplay.

  • Before jumping to the battlefield, make sure to set up a protective defense
  • Try to block incoming attackers, otherwise, your survival will be much more difficult
  • Don’t forget to synchronize your moves throughout the play
  • Try to make the perfect use of provided special moves. Lean excellently which one of the two better suits your needs.
  • These special moves are rechargeable, so try to use the compatible skill to recharge them faster while using the off-hand weapon.
  • You’ll be provided with two types of skills; active skills and passive skills
  • Active skills are associated with the offensive items laid in the inventory, including shields and bows, swords, and off-hand weapons.
  • Whilst trying to use passive skills for defensive items like helmets, gloves, greaves, and breastplates.
  • Continuously upgrade gear and troops by gaining experience and leveling up
  • If you want to open chests, try to collect keys
  • In the campaign, to complete each chapter you need to achieve 3 skulls in the given timeframe.
  • On the Fortress, Gold and Rubies will be generated every hour, you need to collect them in a time to improve the output.
  • Upon beating each tower level, you will come across a single currency unit that helps you to craft any new item in the Forge.
  • You boost your scores, go and use special Trials’ gear placed in Trials Chests which are available during the events.

How to Download and Install Iron Blade Mod APK?

To easily access and play this game, we kept the download and installation process quite simple and trendy. If you are an old user of our website, simply skip this section and jump to the free download Iron Blade Mod APK button. But if you’re new here, you must go through the following steps to accomplish the successful installation of Iron Blade Mod APK Android.

  • Find the “Download Iron Blade Mod APK” button provided there.
  • Click on the button to commence downloading.
  • It will ask you to enable “Download from an unknown source” from the mobile settings.
  • Go and turn on this in the settings.
  • Now visit the file manager of your smartphone and find the downloaded file of Iron Blade Mod APK.
  • Click on it and you will see an option to install this game.
  • Click on the “Install” button and eventually the installation will be completed.
  • Open your game and enjoy your new French life!


Is the iron blade online or offline?

To be clear, Iron Blade is one of the heavier games which require lots of battery and a good processor from the phone. It speedily sucks the phone battery if you won’t take care. And to manage such heavier gameplay, a constant internet connection is also required which makes it an online game. But Iron Blade Mod APK offline now trending among players.

What is the full-size iron blade?

To successfully download and install Iron blade, your phone must have 1.5 GB of space to do the right trick for you. But some space more than this might be needed to speedily proceed with the installation and to effectively play and upgrade this game.

Is iron blade medieval legends RPG an offline game?

It is not clear if the game can be played offline, as this may depend on the specific device and version of the game you are using. It is always a good idea to check the game’s documentation or contact the game’s developer for more information about its offline playability.

How do you get new weapons in Iron Blade?

Iron Blade is a mobile action RPG game in which players can obtain new weapons by a variety of means. Here are a few ways to obtain new weapons in Iron Blade:

  1. Completing Quests: You can earn new weapons as rewards for completing certain quests or missions within the game.
  2. Purchasing from in-game store: You can purchase new weapons from the in-game store using in-game currency or real money.
  3. Crafting: You can craft new weapons using materials obtained from completing quests or defeating enemies.
  4. Obtaining from chest: You can obtain new weapons from treasure chests that are scattered throughout the game’s levels.
  5. Obtaining from event: Sometimes the game will run event in which you can obtain weapons by participating and completing the objective.

It’s important to note that new weapons will have different attributes and abilities, so it’s a good idea to experiment with different weapons to find the one that best suits your playstyle. And also make sure to upgrade your weapon to increase its power.

Final Words

On the final note, if you love to play monster hunting games, your experience with Iron Blade Mod APK won’t go wrong by any means. Also, for adventure game lovers Iron Blade Mod APK is no less than gold. This game comes with amazing gameplay and all the necessary features to offer a better gameplay experience. But sometimes, the player finds it hard to collect things like diamonds, rubies, money, and many such. So, to ease your life we have MODDED this game to offer you the Iron Blade Mod APK version which lets you unlock all the locked features at no cost!