King of Avalon Mod APK 14.9.1 (Multiplayer Strategy/infinite Gold)

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King of Avalon Mod APK is a strategy game introduced by Century Game.  King was knocked down in a war, an attacker of the disloyalty of his brother’s son Mordred. His dead body rests in the castle on the reefs of Avalon following his strong sword, Excalibur. When Excalibur stands up again will the recent king be inaugurated again and the state will be unified? The kingdom was split up into fighting towns.

Moreover, a lot of people hope for Excalibur’s magical power, but unfortunately, only one person is required in place of the ruler. So, create a powerful city, lift a better military, expert abilities for a smart strategy for war, guide your supernatural virago and engage in war against your opponents. Likewise, associate with the multiplayer league to increase the probability of winning. To guide your champions in the war against their opponents download the King of Avalon Building Guide.

King of Avalon Frost and flame

Additionally, lift the dragon and guide your military in the PvP pursuit to raise Excalibur and you become ruler. Penchant strength and triumph while building companions and rivals along the way. Importantly, gossip, support, exchange, and war with participants around the planet in a multiplayer experience. The ruler’s death has created a vacant royal seat. The battle between rulers is about to start! Create the strong empire ever! You can also Download Lords of Kingdoms and Vikings at War from our page as well.

In this game, you pretend as a king having a small empire to rule. Clearly, when you have more powerful dragons, there are more chances to win the game. Besides, the graphics of this game makes it the best action game. So, many people praise the game because of the advanced features that make it unique. You can download it without any charges. King of Avalon Cheat APK provides you with cheating measures to fasten the upgrading levels of the game.


Infinite Gold

Gold is an important asset of this game, which helps you to update the classes of the game. The players use the routine awards to acquire free Gold. Further, gold assets are also presented in the marketplace. You need to spend money to purchase it.

Unlimited Food

It is also one of the essential Assets of this game, which helps you to feed the players. Also, if you want more players, more food is required. The military requires meals to live.

Unlock Virago Skills

Dragons are beneficial for the game, available in every class of the game. The dragons are used to update the level of the game. But if the virago is not trained well, then they are not beneficial as explained. Moreover, it is quite important to guide the virago, as they help win the game.

Upgraded Emblems

The emblems are the helper for your virago. You can guide the dragons with the help of emblems. So, Logos are also an important part of the game.

King of Avalon PC

Additional features

  • Totally Safe
  • Unlimited Virago Skills
  • Auto-update
  • No Rooting
  • Infinite iron
  • Epic fantasy
  • Building Empire
  • Dragons

How to get “King of Avalon Mod APK”?

You can get the King of Avalon Mod APK after going through the simple procedure as explained below:

  • Firstly, go to your phone settings, click on the security characteristics, and permit downloading from the unidentified origin.
  • Secondly, Press the download link given below.
  • When the game is downloaded, start the battle against rulers.
  • Further, allow all the authorities of the app to work efficiently.
  • Lastly, uninstall all the old versions before downloading the latest version of the game.


Importantly, before starting the game it is necessary to sign in to a Google account. It is a strategy game where participants behave like a king and have a kingdom to rule. There is high competition among the players for the throne of the empire. Moreover, assets like gold, silver, and many others are an essential part of the game. King of Avalon Mod APK Unlimited Gold provides you with gold to update the classes of the game.

You have a dragon in each class of the game. Additionally, when you have more powerful dragons, then the probability of winning also increases. Emblems are the helper for the virago. The players can increase the strength of virago with the updated emblems. The participants use real currency to purchase the resources of the game. Further, food is also one of the resources of this game.

King of Avalon online

So, create a powerful city, lift a better army, expert skills for a smart strategy for war, guide your supernatural virago, and engage in war against your opponents. Join the multiplayer league to overcome the opponents. Furthermore, this game assists you to purchase stuff essential for the game without spending currency. The advanced feature of this game makes it different from other games. Let’s start the game.


So, Buddies! I have described each respective game. According to my opinion, you face no difficulty in downloading and operating the game. But in case you will face any issues, then free to ask. I am here for your convenience. Just comment on me in the box given below. I will respond to you within seconds. Also, the players can reap the benefits of this game in online mode.

Furthermore, the participants can enjoy this game on PC. So, you must be excited about the game. Without wasting your time, download the game and go for it. Also, ask your friend to join you, it raises the competition level in the game. If you love this game, then share it with your contacts to enhance its popularity. Best of Luck

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Is it possible to enjoy this game in PC mode?

Yes, it is possible to enjoy this game on PC, after downloading Play King of Avalon on PC.  It should be noted that players have to work with the challenger to play this game on PC. This strategy game starts after the murder of the ruler.

Is it safe to download this game?

Yes, it is safe to download this game. The introducer provides you the security to enjoy the game. It does not harm your android.