Magic tiles 3 mod APK 2023 [No Ads] Free Download for Android

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Magic tiles 3 Mod APK brings catchy music to your phone. Every player is free to create different tones. Amanotes developed the game, which is a startup based in Vietnam. The game was founded in 2014 and has been a top-rated game. It has over 80 million downloads around the globe, which show how popular the game is.

Why download Magic Tiles 3

The app is very popular among people who adore music. It provides base tunes for famous songs, an excellent option to practice music if you love it.

Magic Tiles 3 is an upgrade to a version released before. It doesn’t have a lot of different features from the previous one, but the app’s interface is now easier to understand. You can play awesome music on your smartphone.

Magic tiles 3 apk

Playing the Game

If you think the game cannot be hard, then think again. The game has a simple process. You only need to touch the black keys that keep sliding down on your screen and avoid the white ones. That way, you make a wonderful soundtrack.

But, if you touch any of the white keys by accident, the game stops, and the song ends instantly. The difficulty increases with each chorus, so the movement of the tiles becomes very fast. At this point, the game requires a lot of attention and precision because one wrong move can make the game stop. Being alert and quick are the two important factors in getting a high score.

Connect the game to your social media account and invite friends to play. The game is only based on music, so it gives a very soothing effect to the player.

In Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK, you can play instruments other than the piano. Other instruments include playing trumpet or a drum. You can even combine several instruments and play. Although, if you play several instruments together, you will lack concentration and score low in the game.

Moreover, you can play several songs. The game has over 200 songs to choose from, regularly updated with new music.

Magic Tiles 3 free download

Compete with Others Musicians

Apart from only touching tiles and playing music, the game has many exciting features. You can participate in a battle mode where you play with players worldwide.

Additionally, you can compete in weekly tournaments to polish your skills and receive many rewards.

Several Music Genres

The game has 8 exciting music genres to choose from. The categories are:

  1. Edm
  2. Dance
  3. Pop
  4. Rock
  5. Latin
  6. Blues
  7. Hip Hop
  8. Rnb

Each type has a different beat to suit every musician’s taste. Choose the genre you like the most and start playing. Magic Tiles 3 also has famous albums from top artists like Sia, Charlie Puth, etc.

Top Features of Magic tiles 3 Mod APK

The game is equipped with top features that make it addicting for all players.

Excellent User Design

At first look, the game is very easy to get familiar with. It has an easy user design with all the features displayed efficiently.

Magic Tiles 3 has simple controls with only two basic rules, apart from the simple interface. Touch the black tiles while avoiding the white piano tiles. You can take help from informative tutorials as well to help you understand the gameplay better.

After playing a few games, you become accustomed to the rules. The touch controls are very convenient for smartphone users. Therefore, it is the perfect casual game for you to download and enjoy.

Play High-Quality Piano Songs

Enjoy classical and popular music tracks by playing Magic Tiles 3. All your favorite tracks have been recomposed into the app, so the game gets very addicting.

After reaching high levels in the game, you can unlock special features. High scores also mean you have to play at more speed now. Enjoy rhythmic gameplay from your smartphone.

Connect to Social Media Accounts

You can connect your progress in the game to social media accounts and enjoy interesting features. You can upload and sync your progress to online drives through social media. This helps to keep a record of your progress so that if you play the game on another device, you can upload your progress.

Linking your social media account also gives you rewards in the game. You can play with friends and compete with them as well.

Magic Tiles 3 has no Ads.

The version Magic Tiles 3 mod apk has no ads. So, you can play without any interruptions and enjoy a seamless gaming match.

Magic Tiles 3 download PC

Get Daily Rewards

You get daily rewards that make the game more enjoyable. Play the game multiple times every day to collect these rewards and unlock special prizes at the end.

Customize Piano Boards

You can also customize your piano board style. This makes the interface look even more interesting. Change the style of your tiles, choose different backgrounds, and much more. Moreover, you can enjoy unique designs by collecting special rewards.

Enjoy unlimited features

Apart from the features above, the Magic tiles 3 mod APK offers everything for free. You can have an unlimited supply of money and enjoy an ad-free experience. Download the game now for free.

Different Modes to Play in

You can pick from four modes to play the game in. Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK offers a lot of diversity through these modes, which are:

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Challenge Mode

You have to complete challenges every day while competing with other players and top the rankings.

Band Mode

This mode allows you to play music through different instruments at once. You can enjoy several soundtracks that you have never tried before.

Battle Mode

Battle mode enables you to compete with other players in real-time and polish your skill set.

Custom Mode

Custom Mode offers to customize your matches with opponents of your choice. You can play with your friends and tap faster to defeat them.


The above features should be enough to convince you to download the Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK latest version. The app has amazing gameplay with a lot of exciting features. Download it now for free and get unlimited features to help you score high.