Manor Matters Mod APK 3.7.3 Latest Version 2023

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Uncover the hidden mysteries in Manor Matters and enjoy a fun-filled mysterious game as you go. Discover hidden objects all over the place and locate them to earn more rewards. Download the latest version of Manor Matters Mod APK for your Android now and start playing the game. Uncover the mysteries with unlimited everything and enjoy the gameplay.

The game tops the charts for its genre and is loved by users everywhere in the world. Use your intellect level to find the things that are hidden. Solve puzzles and uncover things seen never before.

Manor Matters Mod APK – Overview

Enjoy the unlimited features with Manor Matters Mod APK free shopping and find objects hidden all over the place. Use unlimited resources to help you with everything in the house and renovate. You can rebuild everything from scratch and turn the manor back into what it was before. Manor Matters Mod APK is a modded version of this beautiful illustrative game.

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The Storyline

You have to renovate the house while finding hidden objects all over the place. The game is set in a stunning ancient castle that once belonged to a wealthy man.

The castle has been abandoned for many years, and everything in the house is downgraded. Start your journey in the manor by cleaning everything in the house and taking care of the unique and rare decoration pieces.

Your job as a detective is to find the hidden mysteries in the castle while fixing everything and turning it new. Renovate the beautiful furniture pieces and antique pieces and enjoy the soothing gameplay.

Features of Manor Matters Mod APK

Manor Matters Mod APK is designed with amazing graphics that are very well-detailed. It is filled with remarkable features that make every player addicted to the amazing gameplay. Rebuild the degrading things in the manor while using the unlimited features in the modified version. Let’s discuss some of the features included in this splendid game.

Discover the Mysteries

Uncover the mysteries buried within Castlewood. Use your detective skills to find everything. Enjoy the splendor of the castle and the exotic furniture it has. You have to redecorate everything while discovering the hidden things.

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The theme of the Game

The theme is no doubt mysterious and stimulates the player’s mind into something creepy. The manor has been deserted for many years, but why? Answer those questions while uncovering the stories behind them and reform the place as you move on.

Passing the Levels

Carl, the manor’s caretaker, will guide you on what to look for every time you enter a new room. The initial levels are easier to play, but the difficulty level increases as you progress through the manor. So, polish your skills and become a better detective as you go so that you can easily find objects in difficult hidden places as well.

Complete Quests

Go on quests to help you find the objects and get resources. Use resources like lighting, magnifying glass, and other items to discover valuable things hidden in every room. Complete the quests quickly to receive more stars.

Limited Time

You have to find everything in a limited time. Use your skills to your best to complete each mission in the given time. Every time you enter a new room, you must find things in the given time. So make sure you time your missions efficiently and complete them.


The Game takes inspiration from Homescapes, so the graphics are very similar. The graphics in that game are very lively. But, in Manor Matters, the theme is very creepy and gloomy. You have to make the castle look alive again. However, the graphics are very well-detailed and interesting.

Unlimited Stars

Manor Matters Mod APK has unlimited important stars for remodeling your house. Use these stars to turn the old villa into a brand new manor. Use your skills as a builder and remake everything from scratch.



Manor Matters Mod APK is a well-designed modded game with interesting features and intuitive gameplay. It has many in-game options to make the manor look alive again. Uncover the mysteries with unlimited everything and enjoy the gameplay. Download the latest version for your Android now and start playing the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Manor Matters for your Android?

Installing Manor Matters Mod APK free download for your Android is very simple. You only have to follow a few steps and enjoy playing the game on your Android with everything unlocked. Follow the following steps listed below:

  • Go to your phone’s settings, and navigate to the Security tab.
  • After tapping that option, look for the “enable downloads from unknown sources.”
  • Turn this option on and download the APK file from this website.
  • Wait for the download to complete.
  • Go to your downloads folder and tap on the file.
  • The installation is now complete.

Can I play Manor Matters on PC?

Downloading the Game for your PC follows different steps. You are required to download an android emulator on your PC, which will convert the game from your phone to the PC. Download the modded file for your PC and complete the installation process. You can now go ahead and play the game through the emulator.

Is this version for Manor Matters Mod APK safe to download?

The game is filled with mysteries and enjoyable tasks that you need to complete. Every file is checked for any viruses or malware. Therefore, the file is completely safe to download with no virus files that may damage your phone’s data. The mod APK file will not harm your device, so you can download the game without worrying about anything.

What is a Mod APK file?

A Mod APK file is a modded android package kit that is a file format designed for Android phones that allow installations in the form of .exe files directly from the wen. Get unlimited everything with the latest version of Manor Matters.