Mario Kart Tour Mod APK 3.4.0 (Unlimited Rubies)

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Mario Kart Tour  Mod APK is a stunning racing third-party online racing game with stunning graphics, top-of-the-line controls, and intestine game sound. You have to make the player run as fast as you can to make him stay ahead of the other characters. Besides that, you have to run in the streets of popular cities like New York, London, Berlin, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and many more.

Mario Kart Tour onlineDuring the run, you have to collect a maximum number of coins and hearts because you need to buy costumes, accessories, and other equipment. The bitter truth is you need to spend a heavy amount of game money (coins and hearts) to unlock the following levels. If you are looking for a solution to unlock the next levels without spending too much time playing the game, then we have Mario Kart Tour Mod APK.


You have to make Mario run at an amazingly fast speed to ensure that the characters do not seem able to cross. Many world-renowned cities will come to your destination like Los Angeles, NY, Beijing, and Paris. Impressively, it has a game life indicator that starts beeping when life is at an alarming low point. In addition, ten coins give a boost to life in the game. The best part is the game controls are effortless, meaning you can easily open and play on it without any doubt.


  • Interesting points system
  • Classy game mechanics
  • Wide range of tracks
  • Rank mode
  • Multiplayer gaming supported


  • High battery consumption
  • Annoying ads during the gameplay


The modded version of Mario Kart Tour will be beneficial in the following aspects.

 Unlimited Money:

You do not need to play with 100 percent precision to get game money as it is necessary to buy and upgrade costumes, accessories, and equipment. The Modded version comes with a disabled payment system, which means you will get unlimited money.Mario Kart Tour PC

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No in-game ads:

The most irritating thing many gamers believe is lengthy ads during the gameplay. Additionally, these extended ads divert the gamer’s attention from their game plan to something very irrelevant. With Mario Kart Tour Android APK, you do need to worry about viewing unwanted in-game ads.

All things unlocked:

As mentioned above, you are not required to collect money and hearts because every level, costume, accessory, and equipment can be unlocked by spending it. But the mod version of Mario Kart Tour offers everything including limited-term game aspects.

How to download the Mario kart tour Mod APK?

The following steps must be taken to download the modded Mario Kart Tour:

  • First of all, ensure that your mobile device is connected to a safe and stable internet
  • Make sure that your device has a compatible OS, which is Android 4.4 or above, and iOS 7 or above
  • Now click on the download button to start the process

Mario Kart Tour download

How to install a Mario Kart tour hack?

After you have downloaded the mod version of Mario Kart Tour, you have to go through the below-given steps to install it successfully:

  • Open up the File Manager and click on the apps section. There you will find out Mario Kart Tour Mod APK
  • Now, click on the Mario Kart Tour modded version. If the installation process does not start, then permit your device to install apps from unknown sources
  • After that, install the Mario Kart Tour unlimited rubies and play it to your fill


Is Mario Kart Tour free?

Yes, this adventurous racing game is free to play, unlike various quality games that demand gamers to buy a subscription to play. You have to collect the game money to buy accessories and unlock the advanced levels.

What is a Mario Kart Tour PC?

Many people search for Mario Kart Tour for PC, but you can not play this game on a desktop because the publisher has launched it for mobile devices. You still have the option of using an Android Emulator on the PC to play this fantastic game on it.

What are the minimum system requirements to play Mario Kart Tour?

The minimum system requirements to play this game are as follows:

    • 2 GB internal memory
    • 16 GB of built-in storage
    • A decent processor to handle the gaming load

Final Words

I personally found Mario Kart Tour an addictive racing game with tons of unique features and a classy game sound. Aside from this, you can play Mario Kart Tour online with a maximum of 7 friends in the modded version. Interestingly, the characters, vehicles, and gliders have special capabilities making them even more amazing. Enjoy the endless opportunities in Mario Kart Tour.