Minion Rush Mod APK 8.9.1a (Unlimited Money/Free Purchase)

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Minion Rush Mod APK is the game introduced by Gameloft SE. It falls in the casual category of games. This game is based on running by the minions and is just like other running games which you have played for sure like temple run. Similarly, you have to run in this game through your minions.

Further, Minion rush APK introduces many barriers when you are running and increases the difficulties in your journey. Moreover, you have to travel a long distance by running and maintain yourself on the track for a longer time.

In addition to this Minion Rush Mod APK unlimited bananas allows you to collect bananas during your running process which are present on the track. Likewise, you have to gather the maximum number of bananas which will help you in the gameplay. This mod with unlimited bananas gives you a lot of bananas for free.

Minion Rush APK

In the same way, you will get a lot of coins by completing the daily tasks or missions. These daily missions involve some tasks like you have collecting a specific number of bananas or complete certain levels of the game. and, you will get rewards after fulfilling the criteria of these missions. In addition to this, you can gather infinite coins by installing Minion rush unlimited coins on your device.

Furthermore, the hack mod is available for this game like the Minion rush android hack APK. This mod APK allows you to enjoy the benefit of hacks that provide you unlimited features of it for free. Likewise, a cheat mod which is Cheat minion rush can be installed and you can avail yourself of a chance to cheat moves. These moves are essential to go higher in the levels.

Similarly, you will get many tokens in the game that will help you in unlocking several features. But, you have to struggle for collecting these tokens if you have not this mod apk still. In addition to this, if you want these tokens for free then go for the Minion rush unlimited tokens APK. It gives you many tokens for free and you don’t have to worry about tokens anymore.

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Features of Minion Rush Mod APK

Multiple minions

You can play this tempting and thrilling game by choosing your favorite minion. Four main minions are available in the gameplay that includes Dave, Carl, Mel, and Jerry. In addition to this, other minions are available in the store and you have to unlock them by using coins.

Minion Rush download

Unlocked costumes

This Minion Rush Mod APK gives you the convenience that you don’t have to unlock the costumes of minions. It provides you with all the costumes for free which have different powers actually.  Each costume has variations in its skills their running capabilities. Likewise, these costumes have different colors and powers or skills like:

  • Black-suit Spy
  • Pink Cupid
  • Cancan Dancer

Despicable minions

In Despicable me minion rush Mod APK, you will enjoy the variety of these minions. This minion game in fact has its origin in the famous film minions. Likewise, these cute creatures are playing their share to make the game more captivating. Moreover, people love these yellowish minions and enjoy playing this game.

Diverse locations

As you know, it’s a running game and you can have the opportunity to run in different locations. Like in subway surfers a railway track is used for running. In the same way, you can select a location of your interest for running.  Moreover, several barriers will be a part of your running track and you have to jump over them.

Collect bananas

Further, many bananas are present in your track and you have to collect them and move forward. You have to be mentally agile to play it with concentration. Additionally, these bananas are not only present below on the track but in the air also. you have to jump high in the air to get those bananas.

Additional features

  • 3D game
  • Earn bananas
  • Multiple tokens
  • Unlimited coins
  • Excellent graphics

How to get Minion Rush Mod APK?

It is very simple to get Minion Rush Mod APK on your device. But, you need to pass through all these given steps.

  1. First, tap on the link Download game minion rush provided at the bottom.
  2. Then, you will reach a new page where you will be asked to start your download.
  3. You have to tap on the download option.
  4. Next, locate the apk file in your downloads.
  5. Click on it.
  6. Last, make your account and set your profile.
  7. Start playing this running game.


The gameplay of Minion Rush Mod APK is very simple, easy, and uncomplicated. Moreover, any amateur player can become an expert within a few days. Likewise, the Minion running game is one of the most appreciated running games like subway surfer. In the game, you have to run a maximum distance and collect bananas on your way.

Similarly, the Minion rush unlimited coins provide you with a lot of coins to unlock many minions and their costumes from the store. This will increase the thrill and joy within the game when you have multiple options to choose from.

Minion Rush PC

In addition to this, Minion rush Mod APK unlimited bananas and token gives you bananas and tokens for free and there will be no need to struggle. Likewise, you can also enjoy the Minion rush game offline. All of its features can be enjoyed without having an internet connection.

Moreover, Bus rush cheat makes it easy for you to go through all the barriers in your way by using cheat moves. Likewise, Permainan minions rush involves rushing forward by crossing all the barriers and difficulties in your way. You can jump or plunge forward during running on a track.

Final verdict

Therefore, my friends! Just go and download Minion Rush Mod APK. Moreover, explore this running game and its tracks. You can enter Minions Universe by playing it.  This game is just like entertainment for those who are closely associated with the Minion film and who love running games.

Likewise, Minion Rush APK improves your experience of playing role-playing games. As the concept is running and you have to use your mental skills and abilities for efficient running. If you find any issues regarding gameplay later, then you can ask freely. Drop your queries in the comments at the bottom. I will answer you ASAP.

Start your running journey with minions and enjoy this captivating and thrilling game. I can say with surety that you will love it.  Good Luck!

Related Questions

Can we play Minion Rush Mod APK online?

Yes. You can play it online and in offline mode also. All features are available in an offline mode.

Is it possible to connect social accounts with Minion Rush Mod APK?

Yes. It is possible. You can connect your social accounts with it.

From where we can connect the social accounts?

The option is available in the settings but before this make sure that you are not underage and be careful in setting your profile.