Pocket Ants Mod APK 0.0768 (Unlimited Money)

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On a clear note, Pocket Ants Mod APK is a strategy game. But unlike other strategy games, you don’t need to command an army, instead become the manager and help the queen bee build a base. You can say that the idea of Pocket Ants APK s really unique in the genre of strategy games. That’s why it’s getting millions of downloads from all over the world!

The storyline of Pocket Ants Mod APK

As we all know that ants are everywhere in the world, but they can be fascinating or annoying at some times. When they are mesmerizing, they can teach us different skills and information that can be useful in our lives. Keeping this thing in mind, Pocket Ants Mod APK is designed for ant lovers. It’s a kind of simulation game that permits you to start an ant colony in your own way from scratch point. You need to do every possible thing to grow your ant colony by adequate feeding, creating, and riding.

Key Features

As a matter of fact, Pockets Ants Mod APK has been attracting millions of users for years just due to its unique built-in features. You will find them really innovative and different from other such games. Are you excited to have a look at its amazing features? Let’s get started to discuss!

Act as a commander

This colony simulation game is actually based on the coordination of ants and other in-game essentials. You will be allowed to enjoy the role of a commander fully. You can freely take care of all sorts of essential colony existence aspects ranging from feeding the queen to defense and combat operations.

Develop Directions

To add some excitement flare to the game, it forces you to develop directions such as reproduction, resource collection, and defense.

Act like a God

This is the most fantastic feature of Pockets Ants Mod APK which allows you to completely customize the game in your own way. Just like a god, you have to evenly distribute the workers, combat resources, and raw materials. You can also change the day and night or weather conditions from the provided list. Try not to enhance the similarity beyond reality!


The most loved thing about the Pockets Ants Mod APK is that everything in the game is extremely simple. From feeding to unlocking advanced features, you will face no difficulty in understanding the user interface or game controls.

Order your Ants

The most enjoyable segment in the Pockets Ants Mod APK is dealing with the ants. Firstly, select one ant, such as a worker ant, take it to any resource or destined object, move it closer to the object, and click on the resource to order the ant to take it all at once or to break down into small fragments if you got more giant leaf or seed. This all looks so captivating and satisfying.

Expand your Colony

Growing the horizons is your main aim in the Pockets Ants Mod APK. To do so you need to grow the number of ants and build additional rooms in the colony. You can do this all with the help of specially provided keys. Just click on the desired object to do the right trick for you.

Play with other Players

Interestingly, you can participate in daily PVP battles against real players. They will give you impressive awards for your participation and to encourage you. Moreover, you can build a competitive stance by performing excellently with other players. This thing keeps the players motivated and excited for the next battle.

Unlimited Money

Like State of survival and other games, money is the main currency unit in the Pocket Ants Mod APK. But in the original version of this game, you need to collect money by yourself, which is limited to each level and the number of tries you made. But with the Pocket Ants Mod APK Unlimited Money, you can freely buy in-game items and can use it to upgrade anything without thinking about what you have in your pocket.

Unlimited Gems

As you need to keep everything in balance like feeding the bees, equipping them with resources, preparing them for attacks, and growing them stronger. That’s why another currency unit in the form of gems is there to help you customize your game, but gems are really hard to earn. Don’t worry, you are going to get Pocket Ants Mod APK Unlimited Gems upon the installation of this game.

Play it Offline

As originally the Pocket Ants Mod APK is an online game but many times players don’t get a stable internet connection, so we MODDED it and now you can play Pocket Ants Mod APK Offline at no additional cost.


To ensure smooth gameplay and to save you from any hassle, ads-free Pocket Ants Mod APK is now ruling the heart of players.

The gameplay of Pocket Ants Mod APK

  • To become the manager of pocket ants, you must have to manage your citizens to construct a solid base.
  • Being a player, you need to send workers outside the nest to make a collection of resources or to construct more rooms in the nest.
  • If you want to increase the number of workers and soldiers, you must grow the ant queens.
  • You must have a dedicated worker ant to feed the queen.
  • You have to build a mighty army of soldiers to fight enemies and invade creatures.
  • Your worker ants must gather different types of resources as each of them has its own unique use.
  • Your task in the game will revolve around collecting leaves and seeds.
  • You will find 3 leaves on the map, and with the expiration of one another will take their place.
  • Use the collected leaves to upgrade the food-processing chamber, seed-processing chamber, and food-processing chamber.
  • To bring an extra flair of excitement, consider destroying red anthills and try to fight against the colonies of other players.
  • Try to maintain a certain distance from aggressive creatures that can attack you quite easily.Pocket ants online free

How to Download and Install Pocket Ants Mod APK

To equip you with a better gaming experience, we tried to keep the download and installation of Pocket Ants Mod APK quite simple and interesting. You won’t feel bored at any stage from downloading to completing the last level. Let’s discuss the steps to accomplish a successful installation.

  • Find the “Download Pocket Ants Mod APK” button given here.
  • Click on it to commence the downloading process.
  • If you’re downloading an APK for the first time from our website, you need to go through one extra step.
  • It will ask you to enable “Allow Downloading from an unknown source”.
  • Go to the settings and turn on this option to get Pocket Ants for Android.
  • Now, open the file manager of your mobile and click on the downloaded Pocket Ants Mod APK file.
  • There, you will see an “Install” button, click on it.
  • Eventually, the installation will be completed before blinking your eyes.
  • Open the Pocket Ants Mod APK Hand and enjoy this amazing MODDED game!


How do you get seeds from Pocket Ants?

To collect the seeds, you must go outside the nest to search for leaves and seeds. Once you found any seed, go nearer to it, tap the select option in the lower-left corner, then clock on gather or you can set it as a source. If you want collected seeds from workers, select and send them to accomplish this task.

How do I get more Ants in My Pocket Ants?

The quick way to get more ants in Pocket Ant android is the food processing chamber. You need to feed the queen so that it can give birth to more ants. To get more worker ants, replenish the solider ants and it will boost the numbers of worker ants. More ants mean more resources you can get to upgrade your game swiftly.

Final Verdict

Keeping the long story short, Pocket Ants Mod APK allows you to create and grow your very own ant colony. You also need to create and train fighting insects as your army to keep your arena safe from invaders and dangerous biting creatures. To do so, you must have a constant supply of provisions and other relevant materials which can be earned as the game proceed or you can buy them by spending money and gems.

But collecting the currency has never been an easy task in any game. So, to save you from any hassle, we have provided you with Pocket Ants Mod APK that comes with unlimited money, gems, and resources and can be played offline. Enjoy Your Bees’ Happiness!