Project Makeover Mod APK 2.67.1 [Free Download] Unlimited Coins

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Project Makeover Mod APK provides you with a place where many people wait for your help. Everyone in the project makeover world has exceptional skills but cannot install them properly. You can participate just like a world brainstorming guru that can help people. In this way, you are the catalyst to make every character feel confident.

The story of every client in project makeover is unique, and you will be an integral part of this story. Project makeover is a game about dreams, and you are here to realize the dreams of others.

Moreover, as the name depicts, a project makeover is a game of creative challenges and problem-solving. Suppose you think that you are creative and innovative and you have the proper problem-solving skills, then welcome to the world of the project makeover. Click the DOWNLOAD ICON below and get ready to prove yourself a great helper for everyone.

Project Makeover APK

Overview of Project Makeover

This game is good fun in the hours of laziness and gloomy moods. In project makeover, different characters do not have enough confidence due to their appearance and other reasons. Your presence is a blessing for them as you are undoubtedly an accomplished artist.

So don’t waste time and dive into the world of challenges and fun about clothes and related accessories. Your every character deserves a different but stylish look.

Therefore your task is to beautify your given projects and adorn them. For this, get ready to dive into many exciting clothing patterns and take up the challenge to give a perfect look to your character. Moreover, different challenging levels and puzzles will engage you fully.

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The gameplay of the project makeover is easy. You will act as a fashion stylist and work on clients’ looks in any way. Moreover, you will have various attires and makeovers to give your client a customized look.

If you like makeover makeup, this game is a perfect match for you. Fashion makeover game for android and ios allows you to be an architect of sweet homes. Therefore you can convert a messy and outdated house into a lavish lodge.

In addition, there are many addictive puzzles that you can solve and enjoy.

Project Makeover unblocked


In the Project Makeover Mod APK, you’ll have amazing outfits and house makeover fun. Let’s explore the fantastic features of Project Make Over.

A range of fashionable clothes

It is an exciting game to change the looks of your clients altogether. You know attire is the central aspect of a personality, but there is no universal best fit. Every character requires a different outlook. However, the mod version has solutions for all this, and you can choose lots of fashionable clothes to give a mesmerizing look to your client!

Change the world

Some clients have stories with them. Many of your clients will have low self-confidence due to outdated looks and styles. The project makeover-free shopping mod allows you to buy clothes and accessories for helpless clients and instill the confidence to fulfill their dreams!

Be an interior designer.

In the modern era, house makeover has gained importance. People are very much conscious about their homes and looks. So, if you are a good designer, your work will attract more clients. Hence, you’ll get a chance to decorate a person’s home as well as their rooms.

Unique characters and stories

Project Makeover Mod APK lets you enjoy the fun of different background stories and impacts. So get ready to enjoy the dramas and stories of some extreme personalities among your clients.

Solve addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles!

Here in theProject Makeover Mod APK, with unlimited money and coins, you are allowed to work on many addictive puzzles. These puzzles will let you enjoy and be absorbed in the fun matching challenges. You will get a set of missing puzzles, and each completion will reward you with notable prizes. Project makeover is a game with many levels, and some are quite tricky.

Project Makeover online free

Customize your avatar to stand out on the red carpet!

With more and more rewards, you will be able to customize your avatar to an exceptional level. With the project makeover unlimited coins perk, your avatar can make a tremendous entry on the red carpet.

Visit friends and see how they dressed their avatar!

The online mode allows you to invite your friends and show off your artistic skills. Moreover, you can get free tips to decorate a home or make your client stand out among the crowd.


The gameplay of the project makeover is attractive with its unique 2D graphics. Moreover, you can enjoy a good quality voice-over and background sounds. The developers have updated the latest version of project makeover for android and iOS and have made it addictive.


Although each level of the game is addictive and complicated, to solve various challenging levels, you will get different power-ups. These power-ups will boost your energy. Consequently, you will be a successful stylist and home innovator.

Players reviews

  • Ghost Patrol

As someone who likes to avoid these kinds of apps, I’ll concede that this is one of the least scummy and most enjoyable free online makeover games I’ve seen. There is genuine effort and love put into the storylines and characters; their customer service was solid when I needed it. While there are all the standard microtransactions, they don’t feel as obnoxious and unavoidable as possible. If you need a simple dress-up makeover game to pass time, this one isn’t too bad.

  • David Daniels

Thankfully the project makeover online game doesn’t crash on me as I open another app. I like that there are no annoying pop-ups. In the project, makeover ads are very minimal. The game gets tricky instead of always being the same. I like the designs because I can go back and see my past work done whenever I want.

What is new in Mod APK

  • It’s bugs free
  • You can enjoy all unlocked features for free.
  • No ads mean no interruption while playing the game.


Project Makeover Mod APK is undoubtedly loved by many. The makeover and dress-up puzzles are challenging, and the storyline is unique to each project makeover character. Therefore give this excellent game a try and enjoy the mod for project makeover unlimited lives.