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Rope Hero Mod APK, a modified version is here to give you all the unlocked features of the game. As we know, Rope Hero: Vice Town is one of the best action arcade games available today. It is a compelling combination of adventure and action.

In this game, you will assume the role of a hero who has to overcome several challenging levels by fighting villains and gangsters. Conversely, you can opt for the role of gangmaster. The choice is in your hand.

If you are an Android game lover and if you have not heard about the Rope Hero game, this is the best time to give it a try. So, do not waste your time and click on DOWNLOAD ICON and enter into the world of action and thrill.

About Rope Hero: Vice Town

Naxeex Ltd, the developer of Rope Hero: Vice Town has undoubtedly offered a game with a unique plot. That is why the number of installs is increasing day by day and the current number is around 100,000,000+.

Rope Hero APK

You’ve probably heard of Rope Hero before. It’s an action-adventure game that is popular among many mobile gamers. This game has several characters in it. They each play a unique role and you can customize your character and make it stronger as you progress in the game. You can also win prizes through the levels.

Background Story

Action games with some background stories are immensely popular among players. This Rope Hero: Vice Town is also a game with a rich background. The beginning of this game is interesting. A hero with a lost memory case appears on the screen. The hero does not remember anything about the past and it seems that he is in some alien land with a weird suit and hood.

The game undoubtedly gives you a feel of some adventure movie. Therefore this game is an opportunity for you to be an active part of this adventure and action.

We know that every hero is not born a hero. The circumstances can convert an ordinary person into a fierce fighter. The same has happened in Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod APK where you can see an ordinary man conversion into a warrior hero. His movements, weapon control, and fighting without any tools everything is outstanding.

Game Modes

In this game, you have two options. First, you can act like a hero and can assist the police to curb a gang of criminals. The town is in danger and the crime rate is high so if you want to be a part of the police then you can opt for the role of hero.

Rope Hero game

Second, there is always a negative side to any character. So, if you want to enjoy criminal intelligence then you can come with a dark image. However, if you opt for the role of a villain then your every move will be against the police.

So be a voice of the voiceless and become a hero or be chief of a gangster mafia. This game is amazing in either way.

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Features of Rope Hero Mod APK

Rope hero is undoubtedly a game of challenging levels and missions. The graphics and tools everything is up to the mark. Let us dig out other features of this amazing game:

Amazing weapons and abilities

Your superhero in the Rope Hero game has exceptional powers and skills. The most amazing tool is a rope. He can climb high and can cross any obstacle with the help of his rope. He can also jump off tall buildings.

Rope Hero all unlocked Mod has amazing weapons for your superhero. If you want to play the role of hero or villain in both cases you need a wide range of weapons. The rope hero mod APK has solved your worries as it provides you with unlimited money to buy all in-game weapons easily.

So now you can equip your hero with guns pistols, melee, shotgun superweapons, and melee weapons.

Graphics & Themes

The graphics of this game are very beautiful and have a very diverse combination of dark and light themes that go well with the backgrounds, characters, and the general story of the game. There is a lot of attention to detail in these graphics.


To make your hero unique and powerful you can go for customization. You can upgrade the fighting skills of your hero with every passing level. With up-gradation, your hero can jump high and can use powerful punches and kicks. Hence, your hero can go for a duel with hands.

There are different types of rewards available to you. To upgrade your hero you need coins and money that you can collect as a reward. So, utilize your stamina to get more and more rewards.

Rope Hero: Vice Town mod APK

Try fast and furious vehicles

This is a game of action and movement. All the time your hero is chasing gangsters or is escaping from the police. Therefore, you need powerful vehicles to make successful moves. The Rope Hero mod APK has many options for you. For instance, you can get a robot car, robot ball, plane, and even a robot tank with unlimited money and gold.

Some unique accessories

You can use outstanding stuff to make your hero unbeatable. For example, you will have a longboard to roam your hero freely and with ease. You can also utilize a parachute in case of emergency.

In addition, there is a glider you can add to the costume of your superhero. Consequently, your hero can fly at jet speed with the help of a glider. In this way, it is difficult for the police or mafia to chase you. You can also give superpowers to your hero by using robot suits.

Why Choose Rope Hero Mod APK?

  • The MOD version has no ads and gives you a non-stop adventure.
  • There is a free shopping feature available.
  • Also, you can have unlimited money and coins to unlock any level.

Players Reviews

Here are some interesting reviews about Rope Hero: Vice Town:

  •  This is the greatest video game, no, piece of art, that I’ve ever experienced in my life. It makes me ashamed that games like “the last of us” or “final fantasy” have gotten nominees for game of the year, while games like these are left in the dark. This game deserves every star in the world and on the moon.
  •  Man, this is a fantastic game I bought a cycle, skateboard, bike, and a helicopter this is not bad as all games are. That is why it is more liked by people. And I recommend people to play this game who don’t play it thank you and police cases are not going to 5 please update it I did many crimes but it can’t.

Final Remarks

You will undoubtedly love this game! The little details are awesome. With super cool graphics, weapons, and fast vehicles, you can enjoy it a lot. So, download the Rope Hero Mod APK for unlocked features like unlimited money, no ads, and much more.


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