Solar Smash Mod APK (Unlimited healing missiles)

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Updated3 days Ago
Requirements5.1 and up
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How to install Solar Smash Mod APK 2.3.3 (Unlimited healing missiles) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Solar Smash Mod APK 2.3.3 (Unlimited healing missiles) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Do you ever get a sense of fatigue from a mission? It can be arduous to play with all the missions of the identical kind. However, if you find yourself in this state, Solar Smash Mod APK may change your perspective on gaming life. Just like its title, it is an addictive game that makes gamers need to destroy different planets in the solar system.

The game has an old-fashioned interface, but its exhausting gameplay is not very easy to play. The gameplay is quite troublesome. By the way, gamers are in control of a spaceship that tries to destroy all planets to which they are assigned.

Solar Smash unblocked

Solar Smash Mod APK Introduction

Solar Smash Game MOD is a game where the players have to destroy the planets.  It is simple and easy to play.  The graphics of this game are very unique and have a cartoonish vibe with a 2D drop shadow effect which gives the impression that it will be flat sailing. This different artwork has been used for this game.

This is an amazing arcade game where you can experience asteroid belts.  It will be challenging to play, but it can be very interesting.


The game starts with the player’s character’s journey through the asteroid belt. At first, only one planet is visible on the screen and it has a small size which makes you feel like you are playing an old game on PlayStation One. But once your spaceship enters the asteroid belt, you will find that there are a lot of planets in the belt.

It’s not easy to catch them all at once since they are moving around. You really need to have good concentration skills for this game because your spaceship moves at a very high speed which may make you feel uncomfortable.

You can navigate through the Solar System by using the arrow keys on your mobile phone or tablet. On the left side of the screen, there is an energy bar that decreases as you destroy each planet. In Solar Smash Mode Download you also lose health points if other objects fly into your spaceship while it tries to destroy one of those planets.

Solar Smash online


All Weapons Unlocked

All items are unlocked. No need to purchase any item again, all weapons are free forever. So you can play the game to your heart’s content. You can make this game more interesting by buying and unlocking the items and weapons.

No Skill Cooldown

All skills are unlocked, and no cooldown time for all hero skills both physical and magical damage. So you can use them anytime in a battle. No more waiting for skill cooldown time to reuse again.

Unlimited Coins

In Solar Smash PC all items in the store are free. You don’t have to buy anything anymore since everything inside the store is unlimited and free forever. That’s you can play the game without worrying about items or weapons.

Unlimited Moves

You have unlimited moves. The battles are not difficult anymore since you can use your heroes as many times as needed. Now, there is no more need to keep track of your moves since you can’t lose anyway.

No Energy Bars

The unlimited moves and no skill cooldown time allow the player to perform an action with all heroes without waiting for energy bars to refill. This makes the game more fun and challenging since playing is not limited by the energy bar anymore.

Solar Smash PC

No Ads

Ads interruptions are now removed to provide smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. You can now enjoy the game with full concentration. Plus, no connection is needed anymore to play the game.

Compatibility And Requirements

Your device should at least have an Android 5.1 and up version or above for this game to work properly. It also requires 512MB RAM and the necessary storage space on your device for the installation of this MOD APK. So if your devices show any of these requirements, you can start playing this game right away.

Unlocked All Levels

All levels are unlocked. You can play any level you want without waiting for your energy to recharge or watching an ad before each level. Whether you are an old or new gamer, there’s no level that you cannot pass.

Everything is unlocked

No matter how much time you spend playing Solar Smash Free, all items will be available for you to use. So it’s time to show off your ability in defeating enemies and monsters with skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Solar Smash Mod APK available for both the Android and iOS versions of this game?

Yes, it is. If you can download and install this Mod APK on your Android device, you can also play it on your iOS version too without any problems.

Will I get banned if I use this Mod APK?

 No, not unless you download files from untrusted sources. It’s very unlikely to get banned since there isn’t any sort of content inside. It is just a modified version of the original with all the rights reserved for the original developer.

Do I need to connect to the Internet in order to play this game?

 No, not anymore. Once you download and install this Mod APK on your device, you can play it without connecting to the Internet or downloading any data at all. Plus, you don’t even need a mobile data connection for this MOD APK too.

Is this a paid version or a free one?

This is a free MOD APK for the Solar Smash game. The full original version of this game is not free so it’s hard to find MOD APKs that are entirely free from the Google Play Store. If you want 100% freedom in playing this game, then you should definitely download this MOD APK.


At last, the players are now at liberty to play this game in any way that they want. Now, you can experience the adventure again with 100% freedom in playing the game without limitations or restrictions. Since all these features are available for free, don’t hesitate and download this Mod APK right away!

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