State of Survival Mod APK 1.18.20 (Unlimited Money)

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State of Survival Mod APK is a strategic game that is taking the heart of users due to its innovative gameplay idea to fight against the zombie virus kills. As the virus continues to increase, you will find it hard to survive in the worst conditions.

Moreover, lots of resources are provided to expand the territory of the fortification. You have to build a city that can survive the intense waves of zombies with a greater shield. The beauty of this game is that provides lots of provided different characters with novel skills to provide you with the best of both worlds.

The Storyline of State of Survival Mod APK

This game revolves around the State of a Zombie in which people are in search of a survival place to hide. The strange infection continues to swipe through the whole country and also starts spreading among the people of the nation. Everywhere there will be a horrific state of emergency, so rapid action will be needed all the time.

They kept the situation so bad that even the bureaucracy and the government can’t overcome it. You can say that the whole nation will be gone underground. In the game, it’s around 6 months since the zombies are attacking the nation and spread horror all around. People will be in a state of depression, terror, and isolation to save themselves.

Being a player, you need to play the part of the protagonist to save your nation from zombie attacks. So, you have to search for ways to deal with the apocalypse and to save the people from a rapid outbreak and immense spreading.state of survival


To get your act together, you must know what features are there in the State of Survival Mod APK.

Settlement Foundations

Unlike many other games, the most stunning feature of State of Survival Mod APK is that you can build your settlement to build a safer haven for the people who survived the attack. And this feature is also beneficial when you don’t get any military to help your people.

Find the Heroes

In the gameplay, you have to shield the survivors from the fight to maintain higher numbers of workers and strength on the battlefield. Look at the people and try to find some with special abilities to mark them as heroes of your play. The more strong the heroes are, there will be more chances to save the people from deadly zombies.

Build your Strategy

Never stop learning in the game as you must be aware of any techniques or strategies that can help you to save your people from the deadly zombie virus. The good thing is that you can build your strategy even before the zombie invasion. The more perfect the strategy the higher the chances of your survival.

Expand you network

The wider your social network, the more secure you will be in an hour of need. Try to make forge strategic partnerships to persist in the extended horrors of the infectious wilder world. You can also join armies in the State of Survival Mod APK Hack to take better advantage in the battle and to get more hands-on experience in fighting against any intense disease.

Sound and Graphics

The most loved feature of this State of Survival Mod APK is its clearer sound and high-end animated graphics which have the heart of users. Such graphics keep the users involved in the game with greater interest.

What’s New?

As you are just one step away to download State of Survival Mod APK Hack, you must know what new features are added to it to do the trick.

Stunningly, this game has realistic graphics, a unique character system, strategic gameplay, and much more. You will come across different challenges which you have to complete within a certain time and hence you will be more involved and motivated to complete the tasks. Download the latest version of clash royale having the same features and keep enjoying it.


Let’s have look at MODDED features of State of Survival Mod APK.state of survival heroes

Autocomplete Missions

This is the most loved feature of State of Survival Mod APK Hack which allows you to complete all remaining research, troop training, and construction at no cost. Moreover, you can use unlimited survival activations to get what you exactly want.

Unlimited Food

On the clear ground, food is necessary to keep your character energetic so that they can participate in wars. You can find it hard to collect food for your workers. But with the State of Survival Mod APK Unlimited Food feature, you can enjoy the game with better flavor.

Unlimited Stamina

Rooted, stamina is the most essential game part that helps the character to become a multi-tasker, such as fighting with zombies, constructing shelters, competing in events, and much more. But in the normal version, the stamina bar continues to drain very quickly, and you have to wait until they get filled again. But with the State of Survival Mod APK Unlimited Stamina, you’ll get a chance to perform endless tasks without any hassle.

Unlimited Biocaps

Biocaps is one of the premium currencies in the State of Survival Mod APK which lets you permanently unlock the second building queue, activate a VIP subscription, purchase challenges, and autocomplete construction to enjoy the game. These bio caps aren’t easy to collect, so you can take better advantage of State of Survival Mod APK Unlimited Biocaps to buy your favorite items.

Unlimited Resources

The most stunning feature of this MODDED version is the State of Survival Mod APK Unlimited Resources which lets you enjoy unlimited survival activations, unlimited money, and unlimited gems to get excellent mileage out of it.

How to Play State of Survival Mod APK?

The very stunning feature of this State of Survival Mod APK is its amazing gameplay. You must know how to play it with greater involvement and ease.

The gameplay of State of Survival Mod APK

  • This strategy-based game comes into being after 6-months of a zombie virus outbreak. So, you have to visit Badlands city to search for a safe place to save the survivors of the town.
  • You have to deal with both city management and construction.
  • In order to widen the fortification, you have to utilize the skills of your collected heroes and send them to gather valuable resources.
  • You are also required to be prepared for the defense against the insidious looters and hordes of the walking dead.
  • Once you remain able to successfully develop the asylum, you will start getting permanent improvements and an antidote against contagion.
  • Focus on building a new army to survive the horrible war.
  • As you will be equipped with limited resources, you must know how to use these resources with the best strategy.
  • Focus on building a new squad, new city, and design strategy to survive among the zombies.zombie mods

How to Download and Install State of Survival Mod APK?

To let you enjoy this amazing game with greater ease, we kept the downloading and installation of State of Survival Mod APK quite simple to provide you with the best of both worlds. Let’s look at the steps which you need to follow to accomplish the successful installation.

    • Find the “Download State of Survival Mod APK” button given in this guide.
    • Click on it to start downloading.
    • If you’re downloading an APK for the first time from our website, it will ask you to allow downloading from an unknown source.
    • Go to the settings and turn on this option.
    • Instantly the downloading will be completed and the speed of the download depends on the speed of the internet and the available space on your device.
    • Go to the file manager of your device and click on the “Install” button.
    • Eventually, the installation will be completed.
    • Open the application and enjoy State of Survival Mod APK!


Which are the best heroes in State of Survival Mod APK?

As a matter of fact, lots of heroes are there in the State of Survival Mod APK and each of them has some special powers and skills. In our eyes, the following heroes are the best.

  • Wolfe
  • Ghost
  • Mike
  • Rusty
  • Chef
  • Maddie

What is the point of the state of survival?

As a player, the main objective in the state of survival is to fight against the deadly zombie virus and you have the responsibility to save your nation from any damage and to give them greater peace of mind. You have to grow your armies and boost the powers to defeat the invaders.

Wrapping it Up

On the moral high ground, State of Survival is the most loved game of the last few years, but it only suits best to people who like strategy games. In this game, you have to build your strategies and secure places to save your people from the deadly zombie virus. To let you enjoy your game with full confidence, we have MODDED some features to make them unlimited such as you will get State of Survival Mod APK Unlimited Biocaps, unlimited resources, unlimited money, unlimited gems, unlimited survival activations, and much more to provide you with the best of both worlds. Download this Crazy Hacked Version to enjoy the Best!