Stickman Rope Hero Mod APK 4.0.5 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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Stickman Rope Hero is a thrilling action game that plots evil clones to attack the city, and the Stickman Hero has to protect the citizens as a mission. The immersive gaming view and a lot of unique features like control stickers make the gameplay very easy.

Moreover, the amazing thing about this action simulation game is it has 3D effects. You will not be bored with this game. Children up to 7 can play this game due to its non-violence action sequence. Its well-optimized graphics enables the player to enjoy it on low-level devices as well.

stickman rope hero apk

The game star or money you collect during gameplay is to boost the Hero’s skillset and weapon arsenal. The problem is that money and stars are very hard to earn just by playing. You should not care about it because the Stickman Rope Hero given below will provide you with unlimited money.


The most appealing features of this game are as follows:

Easy and convenient control system:

The easy-to-learn control system of this game comprises display stickers that you can utilize to command the Stickman Hero. Moreover, the screen control is super smooth, which will not be stuck when you are fighting evil powers.

Helpful tips and instructions:

Mostly the game developers think their work is done when players have started playing the game, which is erroneous. You will get time to time tips and instructions about improving your game. Other than that, many helpful tutorials are there for newbies to learn how to play that correctly.

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Immersive sound and graphics:

Interesting in-game music and excellent sound are what users want to experience while playing the games that this game provides. 3D graphics makes this game one of the best in the thrill and action category. Apart from that, the stunning visuals offered there is the backbone of this exciting game.

Wide range of weapons:

In this game, you will not be limited to fighting with criminally minded people with the same weapon. You can spend game money to increase your weapons arsenal from 100s of weapons in the shop. Besides, there are lots of unique vehicles to travel and roam the city.

stickman apk

Unlimited money:

You can collect game money and stars by burning your precious time completing tasks and playing the game. Moreover, you have to earn money by accomplishing daily and weekly tasks. This money will help you upgrade your weapons arsenal, costume, and skills. Stickman Rope Hero gives you unlimited money, which will reduce your progress curve.

Premium stuff unlocked:

All the premium stuff like costumes and weapons demands you to spend real money, which most of the players do not like. With the modded version of the game, you do not have to empty your pocket as all the premium stuff comes unlocked. Other than money, the effort needed to get the premium stuff will be saved using the Stickman Rope Hero cheat.

In-game ads-free:

The game developers earn by displaying ads in between the game and also when opening the application, which is very frustrating for all of us. Additionally, the best part is in-game ads are disabled in the mod Stickman Hero, so you are not liable to watch frustrating and lengthy ads. In addition to this, you can also earn game money by watching ads which is also not a problem with the modded game as you will get unlimited money.

Stickman rope hero online

How to download the Stickman Rope Hero Modded File?

The following steps will help you download Stickman Rope Hero:

  • The first and foremost requirement to download the modded file on the device is secure and fast internet access
  • Also, make sure that the device you own is compatible with the game, Android 4.4 or above, and iOS 7 or above are compatible devices
  • After making sure that everything is okay, you can now click on the modded Stickman Rope Hero download link

How to install Stickman Rope Hero?

To install this mod game, follow the below-given steps:

    • Let’s assume you have successfully downloaded the Stickman Rope Hero now; you can install it
    • Before installation, enable installation from unknown sources as you are not installing the application from the Play Store of the iPhone Store
    • After that, install the file and enjoy playing your favorite action hero game with unlimited money and ads disabled


Q.1 Is the modded Stickman Hero game safe?

Ans: Yes, the Stickman Rope Hero is safe, and it will not affect your privacy because it is just a modded game, not a malicious code.

Q.2 Why is the Stickman Rope Hero Mod APK not working on my device?

Ans: If you have downloaded and installed the game successfully and it is not working, then it can be due to the following reasons:

  • Maybe your device’s operating system is not compatible with Android OS 4.1 or less
  • The entirely consumed device memory can be the culprit behind it
  • Moreover, improper installation can trouble to open the file so you can reinstall it to solve the problem

Q.3 Do I have to reboot my device to install this mod game?

Ans: No, you do not have to reboot your device to install this modded version of the Stickman Rope Hero game. Due to the average file size, it does not consume too much memory, so you can run it without rebooting your phone.

Final Words:

Stickman Rope Hero is the best action game you can play in your leisure time. Its uneven pattern will keep your interest level the same as you’re playing it for the first time. With the modded version, you don’t have to view frustrating and lengthy in-game ads in addition to unlimited money and all things unlocked. You are ready to unlock advanced levels by simply utilizing unlimited money.