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Sword Master story is a game full of action and fun for the audience’s enjoyment. An incredible and strategic game for all intellectual minds to play like a survivor. However, the Swordmaster story Mod APK is available to download for Android with unlocked features like unlimited money and free shopping.

Sword Master Story APK

This game is considerably like an idle combat game. Assuming that you like fighting games and wonderful characters with a perfect appearance while fighting, you need to rank up quickly and have a great time engaging in fighting. For that, Sword Master Story is the best choice. This game may not be for those of you who love the tough fighting style.

Sword Master Story Mod APK Game Plot

Sword Master Story tells the story of a remarkable swordsman, the real fighter of the association, who similarly vowed to give his life for world peace. Not respecting evil and undaunted by the takeoff of his past siblings. He is not afraid to forge ahead in his battle against the Evil Sect. He is like those numerous select legends who are strong solider.

Besides, dependent upon the adversary of each battle, the sword master in the game will sort out the plan in different ways. Playing the game, you will notice unique arenas for each battle. For each situation, the masters in almost the same situation fight and kick within the container together, close to one another. Furthermore, triumph is only for one person.

The Gameplay

Sword Master Story is an inert action game from a Korean wholesaler. You will play the role of a Sword Master who has a gathering of various valiant ladies. All of these fearless ladies will have an intriguing fortune sword. The heroes present in the positions will contain four classes and have five particular characteristics. After each battle, the game players will step out, and some become grounded.

Sword Master Story APK

The point that influences the gameplay is the most well-known approach to Leveling up, Rebirth and Transcendence. Dependent upon the level of the battle, the hallowed women might acquire these limits little by little. Also, authoritatively join a “strong group” position when it is time. The fight will be considerably more furious and appealing from that point on.

More About the Game

Sword Master relates the record of an amazing contender, the primary overcomer of the war, who similarly vowed to give his life for world peace. He is not exactly settled to advance his thorny way against the Evil Sect, not disregarding evil and being discouraged by the passing of his kin. He will subsequently choose various holy people, which are normally holy goddesses.

In addition, depending upon the adversary of each battle, the sword master will coordinate his advancement in different ways. Moreover, by playing the Sword Master game, you will notice the strong connection in each battle. The managers are in the same situation; they kick the container close to another for each situation to live. Likewise, a win is only for one individual. You can also Download Throne Rush Mod APK and Call of Spartan from our site as well.

Characters in the Game

Sword Master Story mod APK includes more than 40 champions with various capacities and powers. There are more than 50 kinds of super-class weapons, alongside various clothes and ensembles to decorate your character.

There are ten different play scenes with various charming game modes: PvP, jail clone, Boss fight, and Guild improvement. Likewise, paying little mind to how you play, you don’t need to worry about fighting in the battle because most of the combat is automatic.

sword master story codes

This inactive gameplay is an immense inspiration for people who know all about this kind of combat genre. However, it may be a point that makes veteran gamers not especially captivated.

Every genre of game has its fans. If you wish to try out this game, you can download and play it now.

Illustrations and sound

Our extraordinary swordsman resembles a sword lost in a woodland of blossoms. The female heavenly individuals in the game ought to be of superb grandness; everyone is exquisite.

The gameplay is made wonderful with the series of light effects, communicating the breathtaking quality of the sword moves from the remarkable swordsmen and blessed individuals.

This fighting game resembles a classic Korean action film. Voiceovers are a unique component of this game. You will hear the engaging voice of every brave lady; some are fragile and sweet, and some are sublime. When you are exhausted during battle, just focusing on the voice and subsequently watching the exquisite advancements of the swordswomen while using their capacities is adequate to recuperate the spirit.

These identical captivating voiceovers bring the swordswomen closer to the player’s opinions, feeling like they are standing next to each other with certifiable greatness.


Swordmaster’s story is truly lovely, the images and soundtrack are appealing, and the furious fight scenes capture your attention. You don’t need to do anything; basically, pick and watch the extraordinary scene spreading out before you. There are endless inspirations to endeavor the Sword Master Story mod apk experience. All of you ought to download this game and offer it a chance!


How to mod a sword master story?

There is a mod for it. If you don’t like any restrictions and boundaries, you can download the mod.

How do you download the sword master story mod APK on your PC?

You can download the sword maser story mod APK on your PC using an application like BlueStack.

Can this game be played offline?

No, it is an online game that needs an internet connection.