Toon Blast Mod APK 10070 (Unlimited Lives)

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Are you tired of playing stressful old boring games? Then you have come to the right place. Enter the world of Toon Blast mod APK and get so lost in a land full of colorful magic cubes that fit together perfectly. Surprisingly, Toon Blast mod is a game that fulfills all your desires, including match-3 blocks, the most straightforward rules, new fun on each level, fun to play for all ages, bold, colorful, and undoubtedly the list goes on.

toon blast for pc

Toon Blast mod APK allows its players to play like friends and the fun part is you can take pictures at the end of all successful levels. The game has tons of significant moves with splendid graphics and animations that take the player to a whole next level. Furthermore, players can unlock levels full of fun anytime they want. Toon Blast mod is the next-level adventure for all.

Features Toon Blast Mod APK

Toon blast unlimited lives

The world-class creation of the Toon Blast mod gives its players an outstanding opportunity to make as many moves without worrying about losing the level. Toon Blast mod is the most popular game of the decade, with more than 3500+ levels. Visit all magical countries to unlock the fun within the game.

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Unlock boosters

That being said, when a set of match-3 tiles is adjoined with similar titles, it unlocks boosters for the players to have fun while not needing to spend extra money on buying them. Go online and make friends across the globe. Share experiences and even learn from others.

Link with teams

Joining and making teams is so easy. When the players have exceeded level 20, they are asked to be a part of some existing team. If the player is not willing to be with that one, they can always make their team. It is always satisfying that your friends have got your backtoon blast online

Toon blast unlimited coins

Another remarkable feature of the Toon Blast Mod APK is the uncountable coins that the players win during the game. More coins come from more blasts and most matches. The game Toon Blast mod adds more exciting elements at each step, adding up to more fun. Moreover, the fun can never end when the player is super satisfied with the achievements in the form of coins.

Jelly Blast gives unlimited energy

Of course, just like other games, the Toon Blast mod has the feature of jelly in some levels that traps the blocks inside. But with many other advantages of the game, this one includes unleashing energy blasts. When the player does not have to worry about moves and lives, this is no big deal.

Toon blast cheat

There are also moves in the Toon Blast mod that makes the entire game board blast and all its energy turn into points, and coins, and even after level 15, players receive starts as a token of appreciation. In the context of winning, the game Toon Blast mod is not complex. This is the most incredible game of its kind.

Toon blast android

To put it another way, the Toon Blast mod is so much more entertaining when you play it on your Android devices. This does not mean that the game cannot be played on pc, but you can never have enough fun.

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In the same way, the Toon Blast mod APK gives diverse levels, and players get so involved in the dynamics. The game Toon Blast mod also introduces the moves like blasting the row horizontally or exploding vertically; either way, it is winning. Tons of challenges are waiting with each upgraded level.

Toon blast unlimited life

Unlike most games, the Toon Blast mod APK does not give the limited set of lives that make the players unsatisfied and, in most cases, frustrated. Toon Blast mod is a game of match-3 like no other.toon blast free download

Download the app

Ready for the toon blast APK game download! Let the fun begin

The steps that will take you to a whole new magical world full of mysteries are just simple

Press the download button in the download section of the article

After that, a warning window will pop up on your screen

In the next step, you have to allow the download to proceed

Now that the file has been downloaded, simply let it run

Finally, customize your desired settings and relocate the game icon accordingly

Last but not least, let the fun begin!


Developer of Toon Blast mod?

There is nothing to hide in one of the most famous developers around the globe. Peak has published a toon blast mod.

What is the installation procedure for the Toon Blast mod?

The steps to downloading are simple. Downloading and installation guides are mentioned above in this article.

Is Toon Blast mod free of ads?

The best part of the game Toon Blast mod is that, unlike many other games, the developer has made sure that fun and entertainment are delivered unhindered.

Is toon blast mod a free game?

The game is free for both pc and Android devices. Download the game and begin a new journey full of adventures.


Toon Blast mod APK (unlimited moves) is indeed the best game of the decade. Not only are the rules trouble-free, but the game itself comprises the best gaming experience in a mystical magic land. With all the vibrant colors, including tiles and graphics, in addition to the creatures that become friends, the Toon Blast mod is a bend in the world of puzzle games.

Don’t waste your time, energy, and even money on games that don’t provide you the best when the Toon Blast mod APK is available. In the game Toon Blast mod, you can take on multiple levels in just one go and overcome obstacles like never before. The game is indeed effortless but mastering all its strategies takes up time.