Top War Mod APK 1.332.1 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Top War Mod APK is a battle game that involves superheroes with superpowers, who will fight on the battlefield. These superheroes need better training and weapons to fight effectively. This mod version provides you unlimited coins and gems for free.

The Storyline of Top War Mod APK

 Top War Mod APK game is a strategic game introduced by Top war Studio. Its updated version is 1.254.1 and contains very amazing features. This game is about a war or battle with superheroes. Moreover, multiple fields and superheroes are available in the game that can be selected.

Top War Mod APK

Likewise, the Top War battle game involves some clever strategies to win the battle. Different superheroes with variations in powers and weapons are available in store.

You can get that by using the money or coins that you will get as a reward. Likewise, indulge yourself in daily tasks or missions to gain attractive rewards.

Additionally, you can play Top War Mod APK offline and can generate your base to train your heroes. Moreover, multiple battlefields are in your hand and you have a chance to choose the best one for yourself. The battlefields include thrown showdowns, wild monsters, gory battles, and the battle of kingdoms.

Moreover, the features of this game include Game of war unlimited gold which provides you with an infinite amount of gold. Likewise, it also allows the player to enjoy the diamonds through Unlimited diamonds and Unlimited coins. These diamonds and coins can be used for buying items from the store.

Similarly, you can mesmerize yourself by downloading the Top War Mod APK android. After downloading, you will get the game on your Android. This allows you to play this game on your mobile with a good interface.

In the same way, this Mod APK provides you with Unlimited everything and that’s why it should be preferred over the original one. Therefore, go and grab your updated version of the game and enjoy its unlimited features.

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Features of Top War Mod APK

Train armies

You have three different types of armies in the game. One is the army that protects the land and the other which takes care of the air. The last one is the army of water which keeps an eye on the unusual activities occurring in the water.

Design military base

You can construct a base where you will train your armies. The design should be in such a way that attracts others. It should be creative and include large buildings. Moreover, these buildings must be equipped with the weapons that will be updated. The presence of new weapons will ensure your success rate in the battle because your army will be trained efficiently.

Top War Mod APK

Online battle

This is an online battle where you can throw a challenge to anyone from the whole world. Additionally, you can enhance your fighting skills by playing with your friends also. Likewise, most of the features of this game are available online only which will make it more interesting.

Unlimited gems

This Mod APK provides you unlimited gems for free and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. These gems can be utilized for buying more superpowers or alliances for your superheroes. This will make it easy to win the battle.

Create and upgrade troops

You can create armies or troops by getting the characters from the store. So, focus on increasing the number of characters in the army. Also, try to upgrade their means and try to increase their powers and abilities. This can be done by buying more weapons and powers for them and with good training.

Select fighting style

In Top War Mod APK, you can select a style for fighting. The fighting styles include fighting in the air, water, or on land. So, it depends that which one you will choose or prefer. Different fighting styles will ensure creativity in the game and you have to play vigilantly. Therefore, keep an eye on the rival or attacker and defeat him.

Additional features

  • No ads
  • No rooting
  • Excellent graphics
  • Better gameplay
  • Good quality audio

How to get Top War Mod APK?

The downloading procedure of Top War Mod APK is very uncomplicated and straightforward. You have to go through the following guidelines in a sequence and you will get it.

Top War Mod APK

  1. First, tap on the option ‘download Top War Mod APK’.
  2. Then, start your download by hitting the option given on the second page.
  3. Next, allow the downloads from unidentified sources from your settings.
  4. Locate the file from the file manager.
  5. Tap on the app file and open it.
  6. Last, make an account or complete your profile by inserting some suitable pictures.
  7. Start playing Top War and be a vigilant warrior.


The gameplay of Top War Mod APK is very simple and involves the participation of a player as a warrior who will protect his country. Moreover, you will create an army of superheroes and train them to fight on the battlefield.

Likewise, you will provide them with arms and weapons and give them some powers so they can fight in a well-mannered way. When they have a variety of weapons and skills for fighting, the result will be victory only.

Additionally, you can also design customized clothes for your heroes also. Likewise, the option of choosing an appropriate battlefield is also there. Top War APK game is better than other strategic games because of its interface and better-quality sound.

Furthermore, try to use the hack and cheat mods of the game to get more benefits. The Top War cheat Mod provides you with a cheat to go higher on the leaderboard and act as a ladder in the gameplay. So, avail these interesting options and try to make it more thrilling and adventurous for you.

Furthermore, you can install it on Androids or iOS by going through the link Top War Mod apk iOS. This game also does not require rooting of the devices. Moreover, you don’t have to suffer from the interruption of ads.


So, My dear friends! Download the upgraded or recent version of Top War Mod APK and enjoy it. be a leader of an army or troop and manage the troops effectively, Further, train them, provide them alms, and then put them forward for fighting.

I think you must be thinking to play the game and unravel the mesmerizing features of this game. I hope you will not waste your time thinking more and more. Go and get your game for free from the Play Store. As it is completely free and you don’t have to worry about paying money.

If still, you have any queries about the game and the installation method, then feel free and ask them. I will try my best to answer you ASAP. Good Luck!

Related Questions

Which class is the best in Top War Mod APK?

After reaching level 45, an option of choosing a class between mechanical and combat elite is there. So, you must choose the mechanical master because it is free-to-play.

Which heroes are the best and should be invested in hero wars?

In the hero wars, the top two characters are Aurora and Astaroth, but you can’t neglect their abilities of Martha also. Additionally, you will not regret paying money for these heroes.