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NEW MAP UPDATE adds the Western Territory with 7 new cities and new missions to the game.
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Released onNov 14, 2018
UpdatedMay 22, 2019
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In the bustling world of simulation games, “Truck Simulation 19″ stands out as a premier driving simulation that offers an unparalleled experience of life on the road. This version of the truck simulator not only provides players with a chance to delve into the life of a truck driver but also enhances the experience with its mod apk, featuring free shopping. Let’s embark on a journey through the game’s main features, touching upon eight crucial aspects that make it a must-have for fans of the genre.

Truck Simulation 19” offers a large open world USA map, presenting an authentic simulation game environment that brings the USA in your pocket. With the new map update, players can explore the western territory with 7 new cities, expanding their horizon across numerous states. This open-world feature allows for a dynamic exploration experience, where every delivery feels like a new adventure.

Original Trucks by Kenworth and Mack

The heart of any truck simulator is its trucks, and “Truck Simulation 19” doesn’t disappoint. Featuring original trucks by Kenworth and Mack, the game offers an authentic trucking experience. Every truck comes with operational cockpits and 3 different configurations, ensuring a realistic driving simulation. These detailed models cater to enthusiasts who appreciate the nuance of driving a heavyweight across the country.

Wide Range of Cargoes and Trailers

Diversity in cargo and trailer types adds depth to the gameplay, and “Truck Simulation 19” delivers a wide range of cargoes and trailers. From flatbeds to reefers, players can haul various freight types across the United States. Earn bonus points by completing special deliveries, enhancing your reputation as a reliable truck driver. This feature not only keeps the gameplay engaging but also challenges players to adapt to different hauling conditions.

Realistic Truck Stops and Rest Areas

True to the life of a truck driver, the game features typical truck stops and rest areas where players can fuel up their truck or rest at motels along the way. This attention to detail adds an extra layer of realism, immersing players in the daily routines of a trucker’s life. Managing fatigue and fuel levels becomes crucial as players traverse the vast American landscape.

Simulation Game with Dynamic Weather and Traffic

“Truck Simulation 19” elevates the driving experience with dynamic weather conditions and traffic patterns. These elements not only affect visibility and handling but also require players to adjust their driving strategy. Whether navigating through a thunderstorm or a bustling city at rush hour, the game’s realism keeps players on their toes.

Construction Simulator Features

Blending elements of a construction simulator, players have the opportunity to engage in specialized missions that involve hauling construction materials and equipment. This crossover appeals to fans of both trucking and construction simulators, providing a varied gameplay experience that keeps the engagement high.

Manage Your Fleet and Expand Your Business

Beyond the wheel, “Truck Simulation 19” offers a strategic layer where players manage their truck fleet and expand their business to become the nation’s most successful trucking magnate. Through the mod apk’s free shopping feature, players can purchase new trucks and expand their business without the usual grind for in-game currency. This aspect encourages players to think big and strategize their route to success.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Trucking Simulation Experience

Truck Simulation 19 Mod APK  takes the simulation game genre to new heights. Offering an authentic truck driving experience, from the operational cockpits of original trucks by Kenworth and Mack in a huge open world across the United States, to the detailed simulation of truck stops, weather, and traffic conditions. The game features everything a simulation enthusiast could ask for, including the added bonus of free shopping through the mod apk. Whether you’re a seasoned truck driver in the virtual world or new to the trucking simulation scene, “Truck Simulation 19” promises an engaging, realistic, and expansive journey through America’s heartland. So, fuel up your truck, download the game, and hit the road to make your mark as the nation’s most successful trucking magnate.

What's new

• NEW MAP UPDATE: Western Territory
• 7 new cities
• New missions
• Performance optimizations
• Bugfixes for story missions
• Bugfix for Company Driver Management
• Major and minor bugfixes for level design issues