Xtreme Motorbikes Mod APK 1.5 Download (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked)

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Our new game Xtreme Motorbikes Mod APK brings you the thrill of today’s most popular racing game – speed games. You can choose from a wide variety of motorcycles, drive them on some unique courses, perform freestyle tricks on your bike, and show off your skills. You’ll need to use several unique techniques to defeat a series of opponents.

Xtreme Motorbikes has already been downloaded more than 500 thousand times. The game features many different bikes that are available to ride until you complete them. The challenges are varied, and the terrain varies. You can choose from multiple brands of powerful motorcycles. The graphics and sound are very realistic. The simulation of bikes in this game will provide a real gaming experience.

For the best Racing game, players will be able to control motorcycles on roads with a realistic feel due to a massive control system with many vital functions. Among the many functions, the gearbox is the most noteworthy, as it allows the player to change their speed and enter complicated terrain. Furthermore, the game also features an exciting physics engine that makes driving on wide streets a more immersive experience.


Xtreme Games Studio publishes a variety of racing games, including Xtreme Motorbikes Mod. It gives you the same sensation as racing a motocross bike. Your car is controlled in a virtual environment. Driving skills can be practiced realistically. You can load heads, load asses, or even burn tires with drift skills. Today, there are numerous racing games for motorcycles to choose from.

The most realistic is definitely this one. This motor vehicle is very detailed as every movement of the control character is simulated. In addition, a compelling control interface makes it easy for users to operate. 3D environments should be sharp. The images should be very realistically colored. Motorcycling will be better than ever.

Players can race in an open-world environment in Xtreme Motorbikes Mod APK. Basically, there is no pattern to follow. If you like being creative, this will be the game for you. It has no competition, so you won’t feel under pressure to perform. You can play this game whenever you want, especially in your free time, and use it to develop your own skills. 

We must begin with the basics to become a genius. You will receive a motor of your own as a newbie. Then you can create beautiful performances with it. You will have to learn the controls for the game. Your car can turn to either side using the two navigation buttons on the left. A back brake, front brake, tire heater, and throttle are all located on the right. There’s no need to use them.

You can combine the buttons to create a unique combination. From there, you can develop more from what you realize during the game. You will receive money for every stunt you perform—the more actions you do, the more money you will earn. If your performance is beautiful, it will make you more money. If you work hard and dedicate yourself to your work, you will grow wealthy quickly. You can also Download Assoluto Racing Mod Apk and Cafe Racer Mod APK from our site as well.

Additionally, the player must control the motorcycle’s speed perfectly after coordinating every movement. For the players to experience the complexity of gear shifting, the game will simplify the gearbox somewhat. On the other hand, it is possible to complete some challenges while riding a motorcycle at a certain speed, which makes it easy to master all mechanics on the first try.

As with any other average and basic city, the city in which you stay is very similar. However, some seats are specifically designed to serve as excellent stages. It may seem irrelevant at first glance, but you will see it has a completely different meaning once you start using it—barriers pertaining to steep slopes. You can show your courage through everything around you. A training site could be anywhere between the construction site, the center of the city, or the square. Drive around the city and explore every corner. Everything about it is unique.

The gameplay occurs within a vast simulation city within Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk. You are in charge of driving a motorcycle. Discover the city’s hidden corners. Earn additional income by performing tasks. You must drive in the direction indicated by the arrow at the beginning of the race.

Continue your journey by interacting with the glow zones you see along the way. Then, you can drive freely to search for other glowing areas. To complete the mission, you need to interact with them. When you do, you’ll receive gold coins as a reward. Keep racing. Keep discovering new places within the city. Maintain excellent performance by riding safely. Make it your goal to achieve professional status.


Explore the Cities

No matter where you are in the world, motorcycles are always on the road. Besides being quick and efficient, they are also relatively cheap. This is the place for you if you like racing bikes! It is unusual to ride a motorcycle that fasts in the city unless it is on a highway. Speed limits exist even on roads. So, Download Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk now to be able to drive without bounds. You will never regret driving on city streets! The cops are also here, so be careful! Get to your events and elude them.

Character Change

The only things that can change are your cars, but that’s not true. A skill demonstration also requires a performer. Your choice of character is entirely up to you. A street player can perform with a cool style, an athlete can perform, or even a policeman can perform. It’s impossible to get bored with the choices available. Moreover, your character represents your skill level in the game. I feel like you’re making incredible progress by yourself. The next step is going to be exciting.

Vehicle Customization

 As players can choose between new and old motorcycles, Xtreme Motorbikes offers players plenty of options for customizing vehicles. In addition, every type of vehicle can be customized, which gives players plenty of ideas for creating their vehicles. As players progress, they can unlock new vehicles, improving performance.

Show Amazing Skills

 Few racing simulators can compare to this. On the big road, players can swerve and avoid obstacles with on-screen controls, showing they are real racers. You can also show off your racing skills by slowing down when encountering different obstacles with this game.

More than 20 Bikes

More than 20 different motorcycles are owned by Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk and modeled after real motorcycles and beautifully designed. Additionally, the indicators indicate whether the vehicles are operable. That is, how fast, how defensive, and how powerful they are. It would be great to own a motorbike you love.

Furthermore, you’ll have to invest accordingly with your race winnings. You’ll be able to purchase a favorite car if you accumulate enough money. Take it with you to the next race. Having a new car uplifts your mood as well as makes you feel more excited. In addition, skills can also be demonstrated much more impressively. Likewise, avoid being pursued by traffic police. Your movement speed is faster.

Different Drivers and Passengers

Moreover, this is a game that lets you be as creative as you like, and above all, it lets you enter our racing universe authentically. A player can customize the appearance of his or her vehicle when participating in Xtreme Motorbikes. Changing the driver and passengers behind you is entirely up to you. Additionally, the player can change some elements of the car, such as turbocharging and customizing the gearbox, by changing some operations in the movement.

Enjoy your Training

There’s nothing special or unique about the city where you live. The seats, however, are designed to be excellent stages. While it may seem unrelated to performance technique at first glance, it becomes totally obvious when you begin to use it. The higher the slope, the greater the obstacle. Your surroundings can help you demonstrate courage. Along with that, there is something to train on every city corner, from the construction site to the square. Drive around the city and explore its many corners. There is so much to learn in this city.

Different Events

 It’s just a matter of completing events in this Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk game. It will be necessary for you to run as fast as possible around the city and access touchpoints. You will be rewarded for completing them once they are completed. Additionally, a lack of traffic makes it possible to roam around the city as you like. So, you can do some insane tricks on the many ramps scattered throughout the city! Earn rewards by participating in crazy events throughout the city.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Bikes Unlocked
  • Latest Version
  • Bugs Free
  • Mod Data


 The Mod version of this game is free?

 Yes, the mod version of this is free to download for everyone. If you love playing racing games, then this Motorcycles game is best for you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download this game right now for free!

Final Verdict

You might find it boring going alone if there is no one to watch your talent and have fun with, right? In that case, we need to find you a companion right away. If you consider the uniqueness, you’ll find that it’s quite complex for such a simple mechanism. Particularly, this companion shares your sense of style. Be ready for a dangerous and exciting adventure. You can show your bravery freely in the Xtreme Motorbikes Mod APK. Discover new adventures and create legends.